Saturday, May 30, 2009


Today so freaking hot. I was sweating. Ugh. And the bloody uni don't know how to on air con or something. So bloody hot. Should have worn shorts and tank top. Argh. Hot hot hot!! And I don't know why I brought my jacket for. Stupid. Waste time. Made me felt even hotter.

Was walking to Uni to meet up with my group members and to hand in the assignment. When I just reached town. There was this group of um..teens..probably, I don't know...18 or something. Whatever. I was just walking pass by them when suddenly, one of the guy punch the other guy in the face. And the guy who got punched was staggering towards me. Mch. Almost hit me.

Everyone was looking. I just avoided the guy and just walked on without even bothering or looking back. Hahahaha. I think the people who were watching are like, wth. Hahahha. That chinese girl almost got hit by them and she's just walking on as if nothing happened.

Cause there were girls screaming asking the guy to stop. ANd the went on hitting each other. Bloody stupid people. -.-

As I walked on. In front of Farmfood. Another fight was about to start. I think these bunch were younger. -.-

I think its casue of the heat. Bugger ah.

Anyway. Got to Uni. There were already doing it. And we had like an hour to print it, write the changes, burn a cd, bind it and RUN TO THE FREAKING PLACE TO HAND IN OUR ASSIGNMENTS!!!

So ya. Guess what. We got there 30 seconds before they close the office!!!!


Thank God we got there on time. And the guy even helped us by writing the module code for us. Cause we forgot it. Thank God. *He's cute too!*

I'm bored. So damn bored. Sigh~

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Two Months

Somewhere Between All Our Tears & Laughter,
Long Talks,
Stupid Lil Fights,
And All Our Jokes,

I Fell In Love.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mei Ting!

Yay! Mei Ting had great feedback from the agency today. For her presentation. Damn proud of her!

One. Is cause she comes from a Chinese school. She can speak very well. Just that sometimes its hard for her to pronounce properly or she use the wrong word or something la. Whatever it is.
Her english is actually better than mine! Hahaha. Ya. I know.

But anyway. She totally nail the presentation and totally wowed the agency. They were asking Neville, my lecturer, if she is really chinese or not! Hahaha. Cause Mei Ting was being really critical and spoke really well and fluently. Then Neville said that Mei Ting is from Malaysia.

Even though her presentation wasn't the winning one. She still got really high marks for hers.

After the presentation. Everyone hugged her. Cause she did such a great job. Lolx. The agency even offered her a job to be a part of the campaign. For internship. O.O

So damn proud of her!!!

Because yesterday night. She was like. Amanda, I damn nervous. And all that. Then I was like. I know you can do well. Just dont be so scared. Can waaaaaan. Hahahaha. But ya.

She stuttered during rehearsel. But during the actual thing. She talked so much.

She called me this afternoon to ask like, how many questions will they ask you after the presentation. I was like, I don't know la. It depends, on how well you do and stuff like that la. They just ask questions to understand what the heck you guys are presenting la.
Then she was like..ok ok.

Her group mates all didn't believe that Mei Ting could actually present well. One of the girl actually ask her to do one slide. -.- Bugger.
And she did the whole design of the presentation plus the arrangement and amend almost everything. Plus, did all the grammar mistakes AND spelling.


So, in short.


*for Amanda to call someone else Awesome. MEans. They ARE Awesome. Awesome le~*

Congrats Mei Ting!
Am super happy and proud of you~

Don't care of what that DOG does. That fella is just super jealous and is afraid that you will do so much better than him and you know YOU CAN! Just ask that fella to F Off la! >.<

Happy happy happy~

Monday, May 18, 2009

My Group

This was my group for the presentation I had to do in London. Ya. You read my nightmare presentation thingy. This is them! >.<

From left is the girl from Germany, her name is Carolin. The other girl is Jurate, from Lithuania. And Benedikt from Slovakia. And ME!!

I know. I look like a small kid standing beside them. -.-
Some more all so bloody tall. Especially Carolin. -.-

I found this in our Student website thingy. There are other groups as well. But. Too lazy la to wanna post all their pictures.

Tomorrow is Mei Ting's presentation on Vodafone. Her's will be in St. Albans. And her presentation is the last one. At 5pm. Mine was the first and it was at 9 am. -.-

Backside la. Oh well. Thats all! Just wanted to show you guys who I was working with. And oh. Did I mention. I think not. That day I didn't have to go for class. A rest day for us who did on the Wean Machine. Anyway. Mei Ting went and helped me look at what I had for my presentation. She said we did ok. We had a C for our presentation. And there were individual marks as well. She said she saw mine all either 6 or 7. WHich means I did ok. Well. Like I said. It was a last minute thing. So. IT WASS GOOD LA!!!



Wednesday, May 13, 2009




But we were losing. So it was ok la to me. Hahahaha. BUT STILL!!!!

Blackout for like 2-3 hours. Elaine couldn't do her report. ANd have to hand in on thursday. Damn sad. We chilled in the kitchen awhile. Ber-romantic-ing in the kitchen with candles all. Stupid Tian Hao trying to scare me end up Elaine and Mei Ting tell him not to. Lolx. Damn funny!

Oh oh!

Yesterday dinner. I cooked everything. Cause Elaine had to do her report. So I did all the cooking. Since she did that for me last time. So returning the favor. I cooked a mushroom omellete, veggie with oyster sauce and and LEMON CHICKEN! WOOT! Lolx.

WHAHAHAHAHAHA. Ok. Ya. I cooked lemon chicken. Not bad ok! Just need more sacue. Hehe. Today I will be cooking again. Omg. I'm feeling hungry de.

Time to cook i guess. Even though it's still early. Oh wth!


Damn lazy to blog de la!


Friday, May 8, 2009

Nightmare Presentation

Remember a few months ago I was going on about having to do a presentation on a PR campaign for this product called the "Wean Machine". And we have to present it to the agency. Ya well. I just did it today! Weeeeeee. I'm done. But not so happy about it. Ok. Here goes.

We've been trying to have meetings for the past week. But we couldn't do it with some of us handing in our dissertation. Or some other assignment and stuff. And the thing is. WE HAVE NOT EXACTLY STARTED IT YET. So. Ya.

The only time we had a meeting and really do something was just that Wednesday. -.-"
Ya I know. Super last minute. We had so many things to do. We had to come up with the stupid campaign. Trying to use more of the PR techniques then marketing ones. Trying to have a "big idea" for the campaign. And then comes the budgeting the timeline and all that crap. Ugh.

So ya. Just yesterday. We thought of all the ideas and stuff and putting it into slides. Omg. I was in Uni for like, 12 hours. I stayed there till 2am! And then they kicked us out cause they were closing. We JUST finished! And we haven't rehearsed yet. And stuff. So we went to town and sat at the benches with our laptops. Trying to send each other the slides. And discuss who talk about which slides and stuff like that.

I only got home at 3 am. Elaine and Mei Ting was super worried for me. And I forgot my purse. Mei Ting stayed up till 1 and then she called me. And text me that she will leave £10 for me and also gave me the cab number to call. Cause well. It's super dangerous la. Just that day only one of my group members, his friend got shot. -.-

So anyway, we talked in the cold and planned where we were gonna meet and stuff. And oh. It always only me, benedikt (slovakia), jurate (lithuania-is it spelled correctly?), We're the ones who always meet up. So ya. While Ayo (nigeria) and Carolin (germany) always do not turn up for meetings and never really contribute at all. I was kinda expecting either one of them to not come for the presentation but I thought. It's like 20% of our course grade. So ya.

Well, anyway, I got home around 2 something or so. And only slept at 4. Because I showered and stuff. And I set my alarm at 5am. And set it to 5 times of snooze. But. With that. I couldn't wake up at all. I couldn't hear my alarm. But I could wake up to a phone call. Which I think was Ivan. Stan asked him to call me to wake me up. Hahaha. And it was like 6am. I rushed and got out of the house and reached the station.

Our freaking presentation was at 9am! -.-

Got there around 8.30am. It was me, Jura and Benedikt. We saw Carolin standing in front of the station. Oh. It was in London. At Leicester Sq. -.- Have to pay so much just for a bloody 20% presentation. Argh. So anyway. We don't see Ayo. Surprise surprise. He didn't turn up. We called him. And he was like I'm on my way. Then he hung up. Jura called him again. And said where are you. He actually just woke up. We were like. WTF!?!?

So ya. And guess what. I HAD TO FREAKING DO HIS SLIDES LA. Most of it. While Jura took one and Benedikt took the other one. And I was talking about like the important part. Like the strategies and tactics we were gonna use for the product. -.- ANd I had to do his as well. Bugger ah. They all just turned to me. ANd I was like. Ok. fine. I'll do it. -.-

Oh Oh. And Carolin was like saying. You know, the ones who are good in speaking in English should do the important part. Like me and Jura. Aih. I'm awesome. But seriously. They always get spelling mistakes and stuff like that. But. Ya. Hehehehe.

Well. Anyway. We went up to the agency. Saw our lecturer there, Neville. And Jura was like saying that Ayo didn't turn up and don't expect too much from us. And stuff like that. Then he just look at Jura and me. Said we were gonna do ok. And he was like saying, so Amanda, you're gonna do Ayo's slides right. i'm like. Sob* sob* YA! And he was saying that he has hopes for us. Especially me and Jura. Woohoo. Hahaha.

But anyway. We went in. Did the bloody presentation. I was shaking like anything la. Some more my slides were the last ones. Aih. So. My turn. I was like really stuttering at first. But then I got the flow. And was doing ok. But I felt like some kind of robot. And I keep looking at the board. Argh. Suck la.

After we were done. Feedback. Omg. We were so screwed la. We forgotten few of the most important things for budget. We didn't add in the ad agency fees. And loads of stuff la. Aih. What to do. Last minute. But after that. Neville came to us and said we did great. And he said to me that I did great. Woot! Hahahahaha.

You know. Seriously. When I say that English is my first language. And I speak english everyday, with my family, bla bla bla. They freaking surprised la. -.- Like wth. -.-

So anyway. I'm here in Chelle's now. Supposed to sleep. But gonna go out eat. Having gastric de. Ok. Shall go change now. Later I'll blog about Wednesday. I had to do some interview shooting thingy. -.-


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Feel so lucky to have you in me life!




Reasons of why I ish wanna go back~


Two. My boyfriend. *sorry bie. I just love food. Tee-hee*

Three. Club/Drinking with my lovelies~ And other crazy peeps~

Four. Family.

Five. [E.S.P]. Mi8 and Co.

Six. My car. Oh. And the other new car. Oh. I haven't complain about that car. K. I will. Later on.


Eight. Chelsie & Cayenne

Nine. Bring Elaine, Chelle and Annette around go makan makan


I'm sooo gonna be soooo fat. Lalalalala. What to do. I keep thinking of all the food I will get to eat back home you know! Sob*

Ok. The new car my dad bought. Ok. It's more like a second hand car. A honda civic. As you know. My dad has already his Mitsubishi Storm. And also the Mercedes I forgot which one de. My mum drives the Fiat Ulysse. Me, the CRV which Amelyn thinks its hers but its MINE! Anyway. And also the bloody beat up Wira which has been through. Um. A lot. Ya.

So. Now. He just bought a second hand Honda Civic. FOR HIMSELF. So actually. There's like 7 cars in my house! And 3 of it, is for himself. Breakfast Storm, Lunch Civic, Dinner Merc. -.-"

Well. Anyway. I'm complaining cause I won't get to freaking drive it!!!!!!!! Not only that. My mummy said that my daddy dont want to come here for my graduation *if i graduate! >.<* cause he is sorta short of ya know. Moneyh. But. He can nicely buy car you know. -.-"

Oh well. I DON'T CARE I WANT TO DRIVE IT!!!!! Lalalalalalala~

So so so so so so so Tired!!!!!


Monday, May 4, 2009


How did I get here? I turned around and there you were
I didn't think twice or rationalize
'Cause somehow I knew

That there was more than just chemistry
I mean I knew you were kind of into me
But I figured it's too good to be true

I said, "Pinch me, where's the catch this time?"
Can't find a single cloud in the sky
Help me before I get used to this guy

They say that good things take time
But really great things happen
In the blink of an eye

Thought the chances to meet somebody
Like you were a million to one
I cannot believe it, you're one in a million

All this time I was looking for love
Tryna make things work that weren't good enough
Till I thought I'm through, said, "I'm done"
And stumbled into the arms of the one

You're making me laugh about the silliest stuff
Say that I'm your diamond in the rough
When I'm mad at you, you come with your velvet touch

Cant believe that I'm so lucky
I have never felt so happy.
Every time I see that sparkle in your eyes


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Berlin lan-ness


Euro Trip. Cont.

Amsterdam ~ Morning.

So well. In the morning. Had to wake up like bloody early la. Lined up for breakfast. Then waited for the bus. We super kiasu la. Actually. Mt and Elaine la. >.< They damn kiasu. Hahaha. They purposely walk in front. So we can get on the bus first. Hahahha. Well. Anyway. We didn't exactly got on the bus first. But oh well. Don't care la. Right. Hahaha.

We had a mission too. Elaine must go up first while we settle the luggage. So she must make sure chup place for us. She totally fail lo. Don't know where she go. I was on the bus first. -.- Mission fail. -.-

Well. I don't really remember how was the trip like. I know foong yau is my best friend. I should get my own one. Lolx. Even when I was on the airplane. I felt a bit sickish.

Oh Oh! And you saw my fb picture of the toilet! Ya. I was super amazed la!!!! And then also right. I dont remember what I wanted to say de. But ya. It moves!!!!!! On its own!!! It cleans the seat after you're done with it!!! And everything else was like a sensor shit! WOW! Lolx. Well. Anyway. We got to Berlin. And you know. From my previous blog of. My Supernatural Experience. <---you can click on it if you have not read it yet! Lolx. Well. Anyway. It was like damn funny and all la. I mean. Ya.

Anyway. Like I said. We got there. And we were super tired. So.We ate this place called Toro Negro. Ya. You saw the pictures? And the blardy 7euro bottle water!!!!!!!! -.- We actually ordered our own drinks. But we got thirsty. So okla. We order water. You know. Its supposedly the cheapest drink there is in the world. Is somewhat free!!! But ya. -.-

Well. Anyway. aFter dinner. Got home. Change shower. bla bla.

Morning! Breakfast was like. Shit. Seriously. Shit. Ya.

Got on the bus for our tour around Berlin. We got to know lots of stuff. Ya. With Hitler and stuff.
And their Berlin Wall look like. I dont know. I think Pudu Jail Wall also nicer la. >.<"

Oh. There was this really. Haha. Part. We had to stop at the junction. Cause there were Police bikes. Then our tour guide was like.

Ah! You see! When we get stop like this. And you see police escorting someone important. And you can measure how important the person is by the amount of police cars and motorbikes.

Then he was like.

Ah! Its very lil police. Which means. This isn't a very important person. *like not worth looking at*

Let's see who is this not very important person. You can see the flag on the car and find out who is it.

Oh! It's the President! *shit*

Hahahahahahahhahaha. He just said the President of Germany isn't important. Hahahahahahahha.

Well. Anyway.

Took loads of pictures. And I don't remember what were the names of all the landmarks and stuff. So. Forget it.

But we only paid attention to where was the Erotic Museum and the SHOPPING!!!!

Ya well.


Got back. Went for lunch. Then. SHOPPING.

I bought like a few stuff here and there la. SO NICE. SO LONG NO SHOP. >.<

Got soooo freaking tired. Well. Got home after a nice dinner. I had balls. Yup. BALL. Meatballs la!!!

I sooooo wanted to drink beer. I keep looking at them drinking it. I'm like. OMG. I sooo want to! But I know I won't be able to finish it. Cause its super huge. For me la.

Well. Got back. The usual. Slept. Not very good sleep.

Woke up super super early again.

K. It shall be continued.


Which reminds me. I have not put up the pictures in fb. SUPER A LOT LA.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Oh well. Frenchie not staying anymore. Lalalalala.