Friday, May 8, 2009

Nightmare Presentation

Remember a few months ago I was going on about having to do a presentation on a PR campaign for this product called the "Wean Machine". And we have to present it to the agency. Ya well. I just did it today! Weeeeeee. I'm done. But not so happy about it. Ok. Here goes.

We've been trying to have meetings for the past week. But we couldn't do it with some of us handing in our dissertation. Or some other assignment and stuff. And the thing is. WE HAVE NOT EXACTLY STARTED IT YET. So. Ya.

The only time we had a meeting and really do something was just that Wednesday. -.-"
Ya I know. Super last minute. We had so many things to do. We had to come up with the stupid campaign. Trying to use more of the PR techniques then marketing ones. Trying to have a "big idea" for the campaign. And then comes the budgeting the timeline and all that crap. Ugh.

So ya. Just yesterday. We thought of all the ideas and stuff and putting it into slides. Omg. I was in Uni for like, 12 hours. I stayed there till 2am! And then they kicked us out cause they were closing. We JUST finished! And we haven't rehearsed yet. And stuff. So we went to town and sat at the benches with our laptops. Trying to send each other the slides. And discuss who talk about which slides and stuff like that.

I only got home at 3 am. Elaine and Mei Ting was super worried for me. And I forgot my purse. Mei Ting stayed up till 1 and then she called me. And text me that she will leave £10 for me and also gave me the cab number to call. Cause well. It's super dangerous la. Just that day only one of my group members, his friend got shot. -.-

So anyway, we talked in the cold and planned where we were gonna meet and stuff. And oh. It always only me, benedikt (slovakia), jurate (lithuania-is it spelled correctly?), We're the ones who always meet up. So ya. While Ayo (nigeria) and Carolin (germany) always do not turn up for meetings and never really contribute at all. I was kinda expecting either one of them to not come for the presentation but I thought. It's like 20% of our course grade. So ya.

Well, anyway, I got home around 2 something or so. And only slept at 4. Because I showered and stuff. And I set my alarm at 5am. And set it to 5 times of snooze. But. With that. I couldn't wake up at all. I couldn't hear my alarm. But I could wake up to a phone call. Which I think was Ivan. Stan asked him to call me to wake me up. Hahaha. And it was like 6am. I rushed and got out of the house and reached the station.

Our freaking presentation was at 9am! -.-

Got there around 8.30am. It was me, Jura and Benedikt. We saw Carolin standing in front of the station. Oh. It was in London. At Leicester Sq. -.- Have to pay so much just for a bloody 20% presentation. Argh. So anyway. We don't see Ayo. Surprise surprise. He didn't turn up. We called him. And he was like I'm on my way. Then he hung up. Jura called him again. And said where are you. He actually just woke up. We were like. WTF!?!?

So ya. And guess what. I HAD TO FREAKING DO HIS SLIDES LA. Most of it. While Jura took one and Benedikt took the other one. And I was talking about like the important part. Like the strategies and tactics we were gonna use for the product. -.- ANd I had to do his as well. Bugger ah. They all just turned to me. ANd I was like. Ok. fine. I'll do it. -.-

Oh Oh. And Carolin was like saying. You know, the ones who are good in speaking in English should do the important part. Like me and Jura. Aih. I'm awesome. But seriously. They always get spelling mistakes and stuff like that. But. Ya. Hehehehe.

Well. Anyway. We went up to the agency. Saw our lecturer there, Neville. And Jura was like saying that Ayo didn't turn up and don't expect too much from us. And stuff like that. Then he just look at Jura and me. Said we were gonna do ok. And he was like saying, so Amanda, you're gonna do Ayo's slides right. i'm like. Sob* sob* YA! And he was saying that he has hopes for us. Especially me and Jura. Woohoo. Hahaha.

But anyway. We went in. Did the bloody presentation. I was shaking like anything la. Some more my slides were the last ones. Aih. So. My turn. I was like really stuttering at first. But then I got the flow. And was doing ok. But I felt like some kind of robot. And I keep looking at the board. Argh. Suck la.

After we were done. Feedback. Omg. We were so screwed la. We forgotten few of the most important things for budget. We didn't add in the ad agency fees. And loads of stuff la. Aih. What to do. Last minute. But after that. Neville came to us and said we did great. And he said to me that I did great. Woot! Hahahahaha.

You know. Seriously. When I say that English is my first language. And I speak english everyday, with my family, bla bla bla. They freaking surprised la. -.- Like wth. -.-

So anyway. I'm here in Chelle's now. Supposed to sleep. But gonna go out eat. Having gastric de. Ok. Shall go change now. Later I'll blog about Wednesday. I had to do some interview shooting thingy. -.-


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