Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mei Ting!

Yay! Mei Ting had great feedback from the agency today. For her presentation. Damn proud of her!

One. Is cause she comes from a Chinese school. She can speak very well. Just that sometimes its hard for her to pronounce properly or she use the wrong word or something la. Whatever it is.
Her english is actually better than mine! Hahaha. Ya. I know.

But anyway. She totally nail the presentation and totally wowed the agency. They were asking Neville, my lecturer, if she is really chinese or not! Hahaha. Cause Mei Ting was being really critical and spoke really well and fluently. Then Neville said that Mei Ting is from Malaysia.

Even though her presentation wasn't the winning one. She still got really high marks for hers.

After the presentation. Everyone hugged her. Cause she did such a great job. Lolx. The agency even offered her a job to be a part of the campaign. For internship. O.O

So damn proud of her!!!

Because yesterday night. She was like. Amanda, I damn nervous. And all that. Then I was like. I know you can do well. Just dont be so scared. Can waaaaaan. Hahahaha. But ya.

She stuttered during rehearsel. But during the actual thing. She talked so much.

She called me this afternoon to ask like, how many questions will they ask you after the presentation. I was like, I don't know la. It depends, on how well you do and stuff like that la. They just ask questions to understand what the heck you guys are presenting la.
Then she was like..ok ok.

Her group mates all didn't believe that Mei Ting could actually present well. One of the girl actually ask her to do one slide. -.- Bugger.
And she did the whole design of the presentation plus the arrangement and amend almost everything. Plus, did all the grammar mistakes AND spelling.


So, in short.


*for Amanda to call someone else Awesome. MEans. They ARE Awesome. Awesome le~*

Congrats Mei Ting!
Am super happy and proud of you~

Don't care of what that DOG does. That fella is just super jealous and is afraid that you will do so much better than him and you know YOU CAN! Just ask that fella to F Off la! >.<

Happy happy happy~

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