Monday, May 18, 2009

My Group

This was my group for the presentation I had to do in London. Ya. You read my nightmare presentation thingy. This is them! >.<

From left is the girl from Germany, her name is Carolin. The other girl is Jurate, from Lithuania. And Benedikt from Slovakia. And ME!!

I know. I look like a small kid standing beside them. -.-
Some more all so bloody tall. Especially Carolin. -.-

I found this in our Student website thingy. There are other groups as well. But. Too lazy la to wanna post all their pictures.

Tomorrow is Mei Ting's presentation on Vodafone. Her's will be in St. Albans. And her presentation is the last one. At 5pm. Mine was the first and it was at 9 am. -.-

Backside la. Oh well. Thats all! Just wanted to show you guys who I was working with. And oh. Did I mention. I think not. That day I didn't have to go for class. A rest day for us who did on the Wean Machine. Anyway. Mei Ting went and helped me look at what I had for my presentation. She said we did ok. We had a C for our presentation. And there were individual marks as well. She said she saw mine all either 6 or 7. WHich means I did ok. Well. Like I said. It was a last minute thing. So. IT WASS GOOD LA!!!



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