Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Reasons of why I ish wanna go back~


Two. My boyfriend. *sorry bie. I just love food. Tee-hee*

Three. Club/Drinking with my lovelies~ And other crazy peeps~

Four. Family.

Five. [E.S.P]. Mi8 and Co.

Six. My car. Oh. And the other new car. Oh. I haven't complain about that car. K. I will. Later on.


Eight. Chelsie & Cayenne

Nine. Bring Elaine, Chelle and Annette around go makan makan


I'm sooo gonna be soooo fat. Lalalalala. What to do. I keep thinking of all the food I will get to eat back home you know! Sob*

Ok. The new car my dad bought. Ok. It's more like a second hand car. A honda civic. As you know. My dad has already his Mitsubishi Storm. And also the Mercedes I forgot which one de. My mum drives the Fiat Ulysse. Me, the CRV which Amelyn thinks its hers but its MINE! Anyway. And also the bloody beat up Wira which has been through. Um. A lot. Ya.

So. Now. He just bought a second hand Honda Civic. FOR HIMSELF. So actually. There's like 7 cars in my house! And 3 of it, is for himself. Breakfast Storm, Lunch Civic, Dinner Merc. -.-"

Well. Anyway. I'm complaining cause I won't get to freaking drive it!!!!!!!! Not only that. My mummy said that my daddy dont want to come here for my graduation *if i graduate! >.<* cause he is sorta short of ya know. Moneyh. But. He can nicely buy car you know. -.-"

Oh well. I DON'T CARE I WANT TO DRIVE IT!!!!! Lalalalalalala~

So so so so so so so Tired!!!!!


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