Saturday, May 2, 2009

Berlin lan-ness


Euro Trip. Cont.

Amsterdam ~ Morning.

So well. In the morning. Had to wake up like bloody early la. Lined up for breakfast. Then waited for the bus. We super kiasu la. Actually. Mt and Elaine la. >.< They damn kiasu. Hahaha. They purposely walk in front. So we can get on the bus first. Hahahha. Well. Anyway. We didn't exactly got on the bus first. But oh well. Don't care la. Right. Hahaha.

We had a mission too. Elaine must go up first while we settle the luggage. So she must make sure chup place for us. She totally fail lo. Don't know where she go. I was on the bus first. -.- Mission fail. -.-

Well. I don't really remember how was the trip like. I know foong yau is my best friend. I should get my own one. Lolx. Even when I was on the airplane. I felt a bit sickish.

Oh Oh! And you saw my fb picture of the toilet! Ya. I was super amazed la!!!! And then also right. I dont remember what I wanted to say de. But ya. It moves!!!!!! On its own!!! It cleans the seat after you're done with it!!! And everything else was like a sensor shit! WOW! Lolx. Well. Anyway. We got to Berlin. And you know. From my previous blog of. My Supernatural Experience. <---you can click on it if you have not read it yet! Lolx. Well. Anyway. It was like damn funny and all la. I mean. Ya.

Anyway. Like I said. We got there. And we were super tired. So.We ate this place called Toro Negro. Ya. You saw the pictures? And the blardy 7euro bottle water!!!!!!!! -.- We actually ordered our own drinks. But we got thirsty. So okla. We order water. You know. Its supposedly the cheapest drink there is in the world. Is somewhat free!!! But ya. -.-

Well. Anyway. aFter dinner. Got home. Change shower. bla bla.

Morning! Breakfast was like. Shit. Seriously. Shit. Ya.

Got on the bus for our tour around Berlin. We got to know lots of stuff. Ya. With Hitler and stuff.
And their Berlin Wall look like. I dont know. I think Pudu Jail Wall also nicer la. >.<"

Oh. There was this really. Haha. Part. We had to stop at the junction. Cause there were Police bikes. Then our tour guide was like.

Ah! You see! When we get stop like this. And you see police escorting someone important. And you can measure how important the person is by the amount of police cars and motorbikes.

Then he was like.

Ah! Its very lil police. Which means. This isn't a very important person. *like not worth looking at*

Let's see who is this not very important person. You can see the flag on the car and find out who is it.

Oh! It's the President! *shit*

Hahahahahahahhahaha. He just said the President of Germany isn't important. Hahahahahahahha.

Well. Anyway.

Took loads of pictures. And I don't remember what were the names of all the landmarks and stuff. So. Forget it.

But we only paid attention to where was the Erotic Museum and the SHOPPING!!!!

Ya well.


Got back. Went for lunch. Then. SHOPPING.

I bought like a few stuff here and there la. SO NICE. SO LONG NO SHOP. >.<

Got soooo freaking tired. Well. Got home after a nice dinner. I had balls. Yup. BALL. Meatballs la!!!

I sooooo wanted to drink beer. I keep looking at them drinking it. I'm like. OMG. I sooo want to! But I know I won't be able to finish it. Cause its super huge. For me la.

Well. Got back. The usual. Slept. Not very good sleep.

Woke up super super early again.

K. It shall be continued.


Which reminds me. I have not put up the pictures in fb. SUPER A LOT LA.

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