Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ranting is good for the Soul!

Weeeeeeee! I don't know why I weeee~ But weeeeeeeee~

So. I've been shopping a lot. Till Kimmy wants to kill meeeee. HAHA. I CAN'T HELP MYSELF!!!!!
I hope I don't turn into a shopaholic. Bwahaha. Hope not!
Just went for the Chic Pop Street Market last Saturday. Was there from 12pm till 5pm. Crazy I tell you! I think I lost at least 2 kg from sweating! Haha!
Anyway. I bought like 4 tops I think. And also a necklace and shoes!! I don't know how much I spend. But I owe my sisters. Hehe~

An update. My cousins! Joel and Josiah. Left for UK awhile back. They migrated there and I've been really sad since they left. The house is too quiet. I actually miss Josiah's nonsense too. Haha. And Kendrick has no one to play with. He's been following Amelyn around. Lolx.
It was so funny this one incident.

Amelyn: Chelsie! Chelsie! Come sit on my lap. Come! Come! 
(If you didn't know, Chelsie is Amelyn's poodle.)
*Chelsie looks up and looked away*
*Kendrick walks up to Amelyn and said*
Kendrick: Nevermind la Amelyn. I sit with you then.

And he just sat on Amelyn's lap. HAHAHA. So damn freaking cute. I can't stand it. And he keeps calling Stan "Bie" "Bie" just cause I call Stan that. He'll be like, "Bie, how to play this ah" "Bie, you want to eat this?"
And he will feed Stan too. Lolx.
So cute. He's only 3!

I miss him! Want to go see him later. Since I'll be having dinner at my house. Weeeeeee~

Anyway, Pei Wen's hen party will be happening this Saturday! Yes. If you have not heard. SHE's GETTING MARRIED THIS SEPTEMBER!!! Which I will be attending her wedding in Melbourne this Sept. Also for her Malaysian one in November. So many dresses I need to buy. -.-"

So yes. I'm supposed to be saving for Australia. But I CAN'T!! I can't!! It's so haaard.

Ok. I think I've been ranting on and on. With nonsense. But I don't think it's nonsense. Gyahaha. Wtv~


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sungai Gabai Waterfalls

Took a day off yesterday to go for a day trip to the waterfalls with my family! It was a very last minute thing. But it was all good!
We woke up at around 8 something plus. Cause we wanted to leave early to get a place to sit at.
But instead we left at around 11. Cause I had to pump petrol, buy some more food and also cause Amelyn had to go to college for I don't know what.

On the way there, it started drizzling and we were praying our ass of for it to not rain. But it still did. So we thought we might as well eat in the car first since it's raining quite heavily.

After awhile sitting in out car. We thought, you know what. We are going to get wet anyway so let's go!
But we were taking our umbrellas out. HAHA. So stupid.

But in the end it slowly drizzled and we quickly rush up before it starts again. Lolx.

The stairs was killing meeeee!!! I was really panting and when I reached up there. I just stood at a spot and stoned. I couldn't move. I couldn't even move to take a sit and rest. I just stood there zoning out. Hahaha.

Well. Right after that. We just played! There's this part of the river where the rocks are formed into a slide. Which was super cool and we just had soooo much fun sliding down. In different directions. With freaking lot of people. And someone actually I think, knee'd me in the back. My bone is now in pain. But I had loads of fun!

We climbed up even more and this part has no steps. So you sorta have to "hike" it up. up there. There's another waterfall where u can just jump off and into the water. That part there is really deep and its really high up to jump off from. It's really scary but at the same time. FUN! Because firstly, you need to be like super brave to jump off from such a high place *it looks high for me la ok*. Next is jumping into such deep water and where the waterfall is gushing out through that small area. You can get drown! Plus once you jump in. No one can see you under the water. So its scary if you drown and no one can find you.

Once you jump in, you are like trying to figure out which is up and down. Its freaky! Once you're up, you are being pushed by the current. IT'S SOOO FUN! Hahaha.

Well, we did that for like I don't know how many times. It was so damn fun!

The whole day was wet and cold! I would soooo wanna go again! ><

For pictures, just go to my Facebook. Where Stacie tagged me or when my mum loads up hr pictures which I have no idea when. Or you may look in my tumblr! or instagram. Took a few pics. More like 3-4 pictures. Hehe.