Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Can't wait for my exams to be over. You won't see me at home then. But it's not much of a difference for now too.
Aish. Have to stay at home now. Need to study. Damn lazy. Oh shit. Stupid assignment. Ish. Lazy!

K. I think I'll go start on my assignment. Right?

I want ice cream!!! Whoever buys me ice cream....I'll be...eternally grateful? I think I'll go out and get some. Oh no. Stupid assignment. Pissing off wei. Nevermind..I'll reward myself for doing my assignment with ice cream! Whahaha. That is if it's still open when I'm done.

I feel like kicking Amelyn's rabbit around. Or maybe give them to Cayenne. Wanna see what she will do with them. Stupid rabbits too cute to be lying around here. Maybe Cayenne will think that the rabbits are cute too..and then..she won't do anything then? But i want to see fur flying around. Or maybe the rabbits will attack Cayenne! o.O That I want to see!

Damn bored. Feel like taking Kimmy's fish. Bang it here and there. Slice it up and fry it in the pan. Later serve it to Kimmy. Aish.

I think I shall just bully Cayenne. She's not so helpless. K. I think I'll do that. But that's so not fun. She'll just jump on me. She's freaking taller than me when she does that. Her stupid nails so damn sharp.

K, I'm crapping too much. Not too much. Just crapping. Aish. Whatevv la.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Flower Horoscope


Modest, yet scrupulously in tune with the latest fashion trends. The immortelle’s elegance may become the object of jealousy for others. Yet, it has enough quiet perseverance to overcome all difficulties and triumph over its detractors.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

100th post!

Woohoo! This is my One Hundredth Post! Lolx. What shall I write about on this oh-so-lovely post? Ah! I can post about who owes me what! Yes! Lolx.

Liz owes me 15 coconuts!
Ming owes me 2 ice-cream!
Wen owes me...she gotta do my test!

Er..why no one else owe me anything else?
Fine..I'll just make it up!

Mei owes me Milo-kosong-ice
Esther owes me dim sum
Ric owes me set c!
Yee hui owes me more coconuts!

I can't think of anything else...sad. 4 more weeks! I know, still quite long more ta go. But I can't help thinking about it. Stupid ming. Hehe. I want those ice creams de.

Exams in two more weeks!!! I hate bio. Why the heck must we take it. Hate it so much. People, please pray for me! Pray that I'll pass that damn subject. I just wanna pass. To get a credit is like a faraway dream or something. Ah yes! I remember something else someone owes me. I'm not making this up!

Raymond owes me Baskin Robbins if I pass my bio. Haha! ONe pint!

So whoever prayed for me get to have one bite of the ice cream! Hahaha! I'll give you one big bite ok, I'm not that kiamsap or anything.

OooOooOo someone else owes me something too! But I won't write it out. Don't know if that person remembers or not. Hmm..nvm la.

Ok! I'm quite happy with my post. Quite. But ya. Ladida~!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Liz you suck! you owe me 15 coconuts k. Remember to do the stuff i asked you to do..or i won't pick you up when you get here! ahaha.

Exams are in like 2 weeks time! Die! Die! don't feel like studying. Aish.

Ming! You owe me 2 ice cream! Oh yea, which reminds me, i think there's baskin robbins in me fridge..lemme go check..yay! there's still ice cream..

oh no! i need to go work now! damn lazy but i need ze money..lolx

stupid cough..anyone who can cure my cough..i'll give coconuts? hahaha

Monday, June 11, 2007

I need to not eat so much. Yee Hui! I want my coconut water! You said you were gonna buy for me! Backside...

Lizzie also owe me coconut water. She owes me 20 now. Cause when i msg'd her. She wasnt there! Hah! Too bad! I get 20 free coconut water..Lalalala~!

K, need to go college now. Sad sad sad.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Keep saying I'm gonna sleep. So damn tired. On one call me!!!!! I'll seriously slap you upside down and kick you and swear at you. I wanna sleep! But of course..if I call, that's a whole different story.

K, I will go sleep now.

Don Williams

Amanda Lyrics

Friday, June 8, 2007

Let's play ping pong!

I like the video! It's so cute with the ping pong sounds too! Damn cute! Lolx!

Feel sooooooooo tired! feel like sleeping. But lazy! Stupid mother of mine did that test too! Lolx! So damn the cheater. She saw Amelyn's answers de. Then she did too. Funny mother.

Ooohh! Me mummy soo nice bought clothes for me. Haha. Funny mother.

Went to the police station yesterday to pay my saman. I realised almost all the police had like damn chun phones. Aish.

I wanna sleep.

Was telling wen that I was trying not to get so excited of going to Aus. Because when I do, the days seem to go by really slow. Haha. Can't believe it's already June. Then it's gonna be July! Woohoo! Damn! Will not get excited! Hehe.

Aish. Lazy to blog. Aish. Ming!!!!! er..nothing la! Lolx.