Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Can't wait for my exams to be over. You won't see me at home then. But it's not much of a difference for now too.
Aish. Have to stay at home now. Need to study. Damn lazy. Oh shit. Stupid assignment. Ish. Lazy!

K. I think I'll go start on my assignment. Right?

I want ice cream!!! Whoever buys me ice cream....I'll be...eternally grateful? I think I'll go out and get some. Oh no. Stupid assignment. Pissing off wei. Nevermind..I'll reward myself for doing my assignment with ice cream! Whahaha. That is if it's still open when I'm done.

I feel like kicking Amelyn's rabbit around. Or maybe give them to Cayenne. Wanna see what she will do with them. Stupid rabbits too cute to be lying around here. Maybe Cayenne will think that the rabbits are cute too..and then..she won't do anything then? But i want to see fur flying around. Or maybe the rabbits will attack Cayenne! o.O That I want to see!

Damn bored. Feel like taking Kimmy's fish. Bang it here and there. Slice it up and fry it in the pan. Later serve it to Kimmy. Aish.

I think I shall just bully Cayenne. She's not so helpless. K. I think I'll do that. But that's so not fun. She'll just jump on me. She's freaking taller than me when she does that. Her stupid nails so damn sharp.

K, I'm crapping too much. Not too much. Just crapping. Aish. Whatevv la.

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