Wednesday, June 20, 2007

100th post!

Woohoo! This is my One Hundredth Post! Lolx. What shall I write about on this oh-so-lovely post? Ah! I can post about who owes me what! Yes! Lolx.

Liz owes me 15 coconuts!
Ming owes me 2 ice-cream!
Wen owes me...she gotta do my test!

Er..why no one else owe me anything else?
Fine..I'll just make it up!

Mei owes me Milo-kosong-ice
Esther owes me dim sum
Ric owes me set c!
Yee hui owes me more coconuts!

I can't think of anything else...sad. 4 more weeks! I know, still quite long more ta go. But I can't help thinking about it. Stupid ming. Hehe. I want those ice creams de.

Exams in two more weeks!!! I hate bio. Why the heck must we take it. Hate it so much. People, please pray for me! Pray that I'll pass that damn subject. I just wanna pass. To get a credit is like a faraway dream or something. Ah yes! I remember something else someone owes me. I'm not making this up!

Raymond owes me Baskin Robbins if I pass my bio. Haha! ONe pint!

So whoever prayed for me get to have one bite of the ice cream! Hahaha! I'll give you one big bite ok, I'm not that kiamsap or anything.

OooOooOo someone else owes me something too! But I won't write it out. Don't know if that person remembers or not. Hmm..nvm la.

Ok! I'm quite happy with my post. Quite. But ya. Ladida~!

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