Friday, June 8, 2007

Let's play ping pong!

I like the video! It's so cute with the ping pong sounds too! Damn cute! Lolx!

Feel sooooooooo tired! feel like sleeping. But lazy! Stupid mother of mine did that test too! Lolx! So damn the cheater. She saw Amelyn's answers de. Then she did too. Funny mother.

Ooohh! Me mummy soo nice bought clothes for me. Haha. Funny mother.

Went to the police station yesterday to pay my saman. I realised almost all the police had like damn chun phones. Aish.

I wanna sleep.

Was telling wen that I was trying not to get so excited of going to Aus. Because when I do, the days seem to go by really slow. Haha. Can't believe it's already June. Then it's gonna be July! Woohoo! Damn! Will not get excited! Hehe.

Aish. Lazy to blog. Aish. Ming!!!!! er..nothing la! Lolx.

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