Tuesday, March 31, 2009


What has happened to us.
Plus our lil additions here and there.

Now. When we wanna meet up. We have to make an APPOINTMENT!?!
We have to tell in advance.
Even for a BIRTHDAY!

Gonna be busy busy huh?
But well.
I hope in future it wont be so bad?????

I really miss you guys.

Friday, March 27, 2009


I just realized how long I have been away from the blog scene. Me reading and updating myself with everyone's blog. sigh*

And me catching up on blogs, made me realized too how much I miss my friends. I miss going out with them. Miss doing rubbish stuff. Miss roaming around kl/pj in my car. Miss all the yum cha sessions. Miss everything.

With Stan being here. It made me miss home even more. Cause it's like he brought kl here with him. I'm always listening intently when he talks anything about kl or the people we know. And whats going on and stuff. I miss it terribly.

I really miss everything. I can't stand it staying here. Though I do enjoy it. The peacefulness of the place. And with me always being alone with myself. I don't get that much when I'm back in Kl. The only time I'm alone is when I'm in my car. Alone. And that doesn't last long. Cause there will be someone I have to pick up and stuff. Even when I'm in the toilet. I'm not alone! XD
*I shit and bathe with the toilet door open*

Its so weird not being able to do that here. I feel weird with the door close. Hahaha. I'm awesomely weird~ Woot~

Oh yes. I don't get to be alone. Cause well. I'm always surrounded with friends. My family. Its always noisy at my house. my car too. Lolx.

Oh well.

I don't really like being alone ya know. All these thinking I have. Too lazy to think about it so much. That's why I like being with a lot of people. So I don't have to think so much. Weeee~ Hahahaha.

I miss all of you! sob*

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Sorry people for not updating and me always complaining at other people to update. I've been really busy with assignments and shit.

Every time I'm out of the house and when I get back. I just feel like resting and I can't be bothered to do anything else. So I'm sorry for not updating much.

Just a lil wish to my mummy. SHE'S 50!! And they threw a surprise birthday party for my mummy. WITHOUT ME!!!!! LIKE WTH LOOOOO! Lolx. I would make a post for her. I'm too tired now to upload any pictures and to actually really blog.

Other updates.

Was in London last Thursday. So ever since then I've been lazy to update. Cause well. Ya. Was in London. On Friday night. I cooked BKT again. And this time. It was doubly awesome! Lolx. Cause ya well. Me and Chelle did everything right. This time. Lolx.

We rushed to have dinner cause we wanted to get to Roadhouse earlier. It's cheaper before 10.30pm. But we decided. We can't get there in time. But at least we took the tube. Save money on transportation. We usually take the cab. So ya. And guess what.

We really drank bloody a lot! Cause well. I don't know why either. Pete remembered us! Woot!! When he was saw us. He was like "HI!!" XD. Ya. That was his expression. We realized we;ve not been there for the past er. 3 months or so. Well anyway. We ordered lotsa drinks from him. And whenever we get to the bar he'll be like. "A JD coke and a Midori Lemonade". Lolx. He knows what we like de. ANd and. There was this time. We had Tequila shot. Then we ordered our usual drinks. And then we were thinking. Why don't we get Jager shots too. ANd so ya we did. He was like. o.O Wow! You girls are HOT!

WOoot! Hahahahaha.

And there was this part where I was talking to a guy at the bar. And was getting him to buy me a drink. In the end he did. And he was like telling Pete. "These girls are so taking advantage of me!" And Pete put his hands on his chest and was like "Ya, it breaks my heart".
Lolx! Chelle was like. Its not me! Its not me! Its her!!! Her!!!
Hahahahha. Babi Chelle.

After Roadhouse. We were really tipsy. And was walking all over laughing our heads off. Thank gawd we brought pumps with us. Or we wouldve died in our heels. There was this guys who wanted to go home with us or we follow them home. We were like. Er. NO THANK YOU! SEE YA! And ran off laughing. But there were the bouncers there. So if anything was gonna happen. Well ya. Hehe.

SO ya. We were roaming around London. Laughing. And looking for a place to pee. We wanted to walk home to save money. But we somehow ended up near the London Eye. o.O From Covent Garden to there. It's like. O.O

We sooooo wanted to look for a dark place to pee. Couldn't stand it de. ANd we were laughing too. -.-"
In the end. I just stopped a cab. And ya. Went on home.

Had a lovely hangover the next morning. Cause Chelle was looking for a place to buy de. So were looking at some houses. Nice! But ya. Chelle's mum was like. You went to Roadhouse yesterday didn't you.

Our hangover lasted till like almost the whole day. Ugh!

Picked Stan up from the airport. And went for Sushi on Saturday night. After that. Headed back to Luton. So ya.

Been super busy now. With all the bloody assignments and the amount of group meetings I have. ANd now Stan is here as well. Gawd. I'm totally exhausted.

Went to Milton Keynes today for shopping. Bought some stuff. Legs aching.

This Saturday we are having steamboat. And having some friends over to our place. Fun! Fun! To celebrate Easter holidays. Lolx. Nothing much to celebrate. This bloody holiday is more like. Assignment Days~?

Now. We're planning to go Alton Towers. A theme park. Woooot!

Alright. Totally tired out.

Night peeps. I'll try to update more. Sigh*

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I PASS~!!!

I'm happy today! You know why!

CAUSE I BLOODY PASS MY EXAM!!!!! And my other subjects too.
I has pass~ But not enough to get a 3.2 of cause.
Bra bra. That will never work ok. I'm more of a 2pointsomething type of person. Lolx!

There goes my Pink Nintendo DS. Argh!!! Nevermind. I'll try my best for the rest now la k. Which I highly doubt I can do so. Lolx. Aih. Ok. Ok. I CAN DO IT!
Uh huh! Lolx.

Oh oh! And you know what!

I'm learning chinese! Lolx. It all started cause I wanted to kacau Tian Hao. Cause there's this chinese facebook. Its the same as facebook. Just that it is in Chinese. ANd there's this pet application thing. So ya. Basically, I wanted to kacau Tian Hao's pet.
But anyway, I actually applied for the chinese facebook which is called xiao nei. Which I still don't know what does that mean. Wait. Ok. It literally means School Inside. Xiao means School. While Nei means Inside. SO its, Inside School? Huh? Hahahahahahhaha.

Anyway, somehow, I downloaded this thingy where I can type chinese words! Weeeee! Lolx. And I can choose the skin and stuff. But too lazy to do that now. Anyway. Ya. I'm having fun with this learning mandarin thing. And I found a translator too. So ya. Hahahaha. Awesome la. Lolx.

So now my 老师 (lao shi - teacher) is Elaine and my new found one is WeiHua!!! Weeeee! Hahahaha. But pronounciation all, I sometimes guess it, cause I always hear Elaine and Mei Ting talk all. So ya. But of cause when I'm out with Elaine or something. Ya. Lalalalalala.

So now I'm trying to recognise the characters too. Hehe. And I'm jotting it all down on Microsoft Word. So I won't forget. Cause I keep asking Elain what is "I need to shit". Hahahaha. My favorite word. Hahaha. Which now I remember. "我要大便" - Wo Yao Da Bian. And "I need to pee" is "我要小便" - Wo Yao Xiao Bian.

Whahahahahhahha. I'm awesome la. Okla. I'm still learning. Weeeee~

Oh oh. 熊猫 - Xiong Mao means PANDA!!!

Lolx. I learned that from Weihua. Hehehe! 

kla. I need to sleep de. Damn a lot of work to do tomorrow. F*king stress like shit la. Argh. Two group meetings in one day and a class in between. Aih. Okla. Night~

Sunday, March 15, 2009


We took this in the arcade centre.
Malaysia's photo sticker booth thingies.
Are way better of cause.
The choices were black&white or colour.
And some shitty theme thingy.
Which sucks.
We were laughing like mad when we took the last pic.
I've pasted this on my wall.
I don't mind taking more photos like this~
£2 for two strips.
One for Chelle and one for Me~

Joewin said that chelle was cheating on him with me~
Oh well!
I'm obviously way hotter la!

Actually. Babi Chelle said,
If she was a guy.
She wouldn't date me.
Cause I ish eeevviiillllll.
Oh well~
Drained. So tired.

Oh my gawd. Went Liquid yesterday. Danced like anything. Plus went jogging yesterday too.

Now. My whole body is aching!!! How am I supposed to continue this jogging thing when my body is aching like mad wei. How la!

I want to jog tomorrow too. But how. But how. My legs are aching like mad. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa~

Tired. Need to do work.


So damn hard to find a job.



Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oh so cute lappie~

The new must have!!!! Weeeee~
The HP Mini Vivienne Tam Edition~

Its just freaking cute. I mean. You see the Asus Ee something one. The other small little laptop. But this is sooo much better.

Designed by world renowned designer ~ Vivienne Tam.
Vivienne Tam and HP brought the must-have digital clutch to the catwalk at a by-invitation only event celebrating Vivienne Tam’s ten years in Japan. The HP Mini Vivienne Tam Edition notebook represents the first time a computer company has partnered with a globally renowned designer to create a notebook PC that offers all the style and power needed for a delightful technology experience. Tam also worked with HP to design the notebook’s accessories and packaging.

Fashion Meets Technology~

At less than 1-inch thick and weighing just over 1 kg, it comes with a highly acclaimed keyboard that is 92 percent the size of a standard notebook PC keyboard and also features a uniquely designed “double happiness” enter key. Armed with a 10.1 inch BrightView Infinity widescreen display (1,024 x 576 resolution) with flush glass and LED backlight, built-in webcam and microphone, this state-of-the-art companion PC is powered by Intel® Atom N270 1.6-gigahertz (GHz) processors and runs on Windows XP Home.

Dressed in vibrant red, the peony design features a unique blend of Asian and Western cultures, antiquity and modern style, technology and fashion. Peonies are beautiful flowers symbolizing prosperity, good fortune and happiness in Chinese culture. Their many layers are similar to a modern woman who is as savvy in expressing herself with her personal style as she is with weaving technology into the fabric of her rich and multi-faceted life.

*sigh* I think I shall put it in my wish list~ Oh Amelyn! This will be perfect for your all red thingies. Ladida~

HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Edition <-----Click me~


Chelle came over to Luton for a so called healthy weekend or something. I mean. Healthy two days thingy. I don't know if it will work or not. So ya. Lolx. But I've been feeling pissy the whole day. I'M IN PAIN!!!!!

We were buying waffles. And I was feeling super weak. Chelle was like. o.o "Why?"
SO ya. I had Chocolate waffles while Chelle had Chocolate Marshiemellows.

Around 7.30pm. Went out for Chinese food near Sainsbury. Cause well. We wanted to try something new. And the food there was good. Not too pricey tho. And the portion was quite a lot. For the 4 of us. We had to force our self to finish it.

After that. We head to Sainsbury for some grocery shopping.

And so. In conjunction for Red Nose Day. Me and Chelle decided to donate £1 each and become Rudolph for the hour!

Mine is the left one and Chelle's on the right one.

First take of 5 continuous shots.

It's 2.30am.
I'm sleepy.
ANd stoned.
Tired la!

Can't smile properly.

Or it'll drop off.
Chelle's one dropped off.
Trying to put it back.

I told you so.
Chelle still trying to put hers back

ANd still trying.

2nd take of 5 continouos shots.

Still blury me.
CHelle was half way putting on.

I need sleep.

Uh huh.

Oh well.
Its only made for these whites.
They have bigger noses.

Ah yes.. Well. Since you guys say Kimmy. So ya.
I just found this picture which I print screen last time.
I'm sucha wonderful sister~

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just tell me who does this reminds you off.
This is Phoebe in Friends.
But. Ya.

Just something to post.
I'm so sleepy.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

F* Up White white stuff

Ok. The pictures are up in fb. I'm tooo lazy to wanna blog about my trip. Just that my friends said that Cambridge was a much nicer place. It was much more beautiful than Oxford. And they said that Oxford was a boring place. Which I think so too. Cause the shops are so cramped up and stuff. Though they obviously have more shops than in Luton. But at least Luton's mall is not so crampy.

Today's class, Media Relations Strategy, we had to do a presentation on Red Nose Day. This fund raising campaign by Comic Relief, for Africa and UK. So we were given an organization and to give a presentation on what type of activities and stuff that we will hold for Red Nose Day that will be sufficient to get media coverage and stuff. So ya. We had Arndale Centre which was the mall in Luton. Others had Primark, Uni of Bedfordshire, Luton FC and stuff like that.

So anyway, my lecturer will randomly pick a group, and we will have to present. My group was the second group. *bugger* But kinda lucky me, since my group member, she saved the presentation in the 2007 format. And the uni computers couldn't read it. Too high tech de. Lolx. So. WE HAVE TO PRESENT NEXT WEEK. THE FIRST TO PRESENT. MCH. WHY! WHY?!

So anyway, Mei Ting's group went up after two other groups. And the past week, she's been telling me about her group members being really lazy and they like totally do not listen to her and stuff like that. And the past week, she's been asking me how to construct this sentence and stuff, and telling me some of her ideas she came up for her group. She was doing on Primark.

Then, they finally meet up and stuff. And did their presentation. And they actually didn't wanna do it cause they said its highly unlikely for them to be chosen. So they don't really have to do it. -.-"

But anyway, they were called out and present. You know what, I seriously felt like scolding some of the white shit heads who think they are so bloody smart or some shit. When it was Mei Ting's turn to present. They started laughing cause of her accent. You know. Those chinesey accent type. Ya. They started laughing at her. Wtf. I really wanted to kill them. There was even a girl who was laughing till she cried. You know how bloody hurtful it is when you are already bloody nervous to stand up there.
In front of so many people, and we being the minority there. And you're being laughed at. Mch. Not only that. HER FUCKING GROUP MATE WAS LAUGHING TILL HER FACE TURNED BLOODY RED. I wanted to go slap that german bitch. Seriously.

And you know what. My bloody lecturers. TWO OF THEM. Didn't do anything. But there was some mistake on the slide that MT was presenting on. Cause she already told them in the discussion that statement was wrong. But they didn't want to listen to her. So she said out loud in class. That they made a mistake in the slide. And she was telling my lecturer and asking him what she said was right. And told him the correct one....and he said. Yes. Mt, you're right. Her group mates just stone there and shut their bloody mouth de. The ones who was laughing at her accent, stopped laughing.

And this time, some of them were laughing and saying she was bloody brave to do that. To stand up there to say like their group mates, who were bloody freaking ang mohs who are supposedly good in English. For making a mistake, which she being a Chinese, pointing out a freaking mistake which they didn't want to change.

Bloody discriminating chinese. Think we bloody hell don't know how to speak english. They totally look down on MT and did not want to listen to her comments. Like wtf. And she showed us her slide. Omg. Seriously, not being bias cause well, ya. But her slides were WAAAAAY better! It had better ideas than those boring ones. And their slide was bloody boring, cause there was no images and it was dull. Fuck la. Cause she sent her slides to them. They deleted hers. MCH.

They being e u students. We speak better english than those fuckers la. Even with our LA's also better than them. They bloody hell don't even know how to spell shits. MEI TING HAD TO CORRECT THEM FOR GOD'S SAKE!

Even up on their presentation. You can see freaking spelling errors. Bloody idiots. If we had a spelling contest. We can beat those idiots!


Seriously. These ang mohs. Tak boleh guna la.

Ok. Just venting a bit. Seriously wanted to ask them to shut their mouth. Or I'll bloody hell slap them. But I obviously do not want to do it. My hand pain la later. And I don't want to break a nail too. >.<


K. I'm being forced to watch Unborn. I'm gonna bring my headset. And press play when scary scenes come up. And close my eyes too. I'm paying £4.70 to scare the shit outta me, and for sleepless nights. I need sleeping pills. Now I have to spend more for sleeping pills. Like wtf. -.-"



Monday, March 9, 2009

I am soo soo lazy to upload the pictures in facebook. Plus I dont want to upload the pictures with me in it. I'M SOO FAT!!!!!

But anyway, I will. Do it. When I'm not lazy. And when I'm not tired. Been kinda doing my work the whole day. Sitting in front of my laptop. Eating biscuits. Mac and Cheese. Junkfood.
I'm fat. All I do is sit around and eat and eat and eat and eat. OMG.

Great la. Tomorrow morning. IF I can wake up. I'll go jogging. Hey. I think I've said that quite a lot of times de hor. Crap.

Ok. IF I can wake up early. And if it's not too cold. CHELLE. COme over! We need that healthy week thingy. I need to stop eating. Argh.

People. Please start telling me that I'm fat. So then I will stop eating. Argh.

Fat. Fat. Fat.


Sunday, March 8, 2009


Its official. I'm fat. My face. So fat. I feel soooo like that hamster in Bolt.

Rhino the Hamster


Can you see it!
I'm so damn fucking round de!!!!

Wtf. I have such chubby cheeks now. I think its the camera. I would like to say its the camera.
But I will be lying to myself. And I'll put on even more weight.



p.s. Never ever listen to Phyo. EVER!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Shake it~~

Omg. Omg. Omg. You know my song. You know.

*Shake* *Shake* *Shake* *Shake* *uh, Shake it!*

Uh huh!

Metro Station!!!!!!!!!!




I'm sooooo happy!!! Yes. Me and Chelle. We're going!!!!!! Lalalalalalalalalalalala!

Ok. They're not cute. Who cares. Guys with guitars and such. Are always HAWWT!! Lolx.

Waaaaaaaaah! Can't wait to go!!!!!!

Chelle!!!! LETS BLOODY GET THOSE BLOODY TICKETS!!!! And you gotta download all their songs toooo.

And I soooo wanna go for All American Rejects tooooo! But that still long more ta go. So ya. Lalalalala~

Oh. I found out while I was having dinner with Elaine. It was at the Indian Restaurant. I'll upload pictures later for that. Then Chelle messaged me. I was like. What?! What?!?!!??! SERIOUS?!?!?!?!?!??! I couldn't even type the message. Some more touch screen. -.-
And then. And then. I beh tahan de. Called her. I really really really wanted to scream de!!! But I was in the really quiet restaurant. So ya. If I was at home. I would've screamed de.!!!!


Alright la. Shake shake~

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Weeeeee~ I dyed my hair~ It's nothing much. Cause my hair is like black de. So ya. Can't really see the colour~ It looks the same. Only like maybe in a really really bright place. Then can la. But I don't want it to be so the bright also la. So it's just nice for me. >.<
I always wanna highlight red. OR PINK! That was what I wanted to do ever since I left high school. HIGHLIGHT PINK!!! Hot pink of cause~ Lalala.

But don't know why. Oh ya. I wanted to leave my hair long. Like really long. Then only highlight. But then. Cause. Everytime it gets long. I chop it off. Hehe.
Whaaat. I like la. Hehehe. Itchy hand la. Just need to cut it off. Tak boleh tahan le~

I wanna go back. I really really want to! I can't stand it la. Like seriously. And I want to get this over with. I'm so bloody pissed with this. Argh! Lalalalala~

Think happy thoughts~ I'm hungry. But cannot. I get fat. I getting fatter de! And ya. Est. You did put on weight de. Lalalalala~

I wanna do rebonding. Aih. Aih.

Sheesh. Today, I had a group meeting to go to. I went there. Waited for my for like bloody long. None of them turned up. And I was super lazy to call any of them. Hehehe. But in the end. I sms'ed one of em. Her name is Jurate. You pronounce as Yuratey. So ya. I just call her Yura. So anyway. We both waited for each other for like half an hour. Lolx. The whole time she was sitting right in front of the room while I was way back. Hahaha. It's quite big la ok. And she was sitting in a corner. Me too.

So well. It was only both of us who came up with ideas and crap. And my other 3 group members were..well..they disappeared. We tried calling them. Its either switched off or they didn't answer. Mcb. So ya. It was only the both of us. Bugger. We were quite pissed off.

So anyway. Came home. And I think I was practically stoning the whole day. I don't remember what I did. Shit wei. Oh. I think I was watching Malaysian Dreamgirl. Ya. Lolx. It's just funny how some of the girls can be. Lolx. Aih. Only one or two of em like boleh pakai. So ya.

oh well. Ok. I need to sleeping. Hehe-ing. Oh so tired de. Aish. Ladida~


Today. Is officially me being somewhat single for a freaking year~ SINGLE! SINGLE! Weeeeeeeeee~
Single for a year~
Weeeeeeeeenesssss~ Wiener?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I was beepd

Sorry not been blogging. hehe. Been lazy. Oh Oh. Posted few pictures of my birthday pressie from Mei and MingMing. Damn cute lo! Thank You!!!!!!!!
I don't feel like wearing it at all. I feel like framing it or something. Hahaha.

My friend said it looks like a pad.

Panda Socks!

And it came with a letter toooo.
And now I forgot where I put it.

Aren't they adowable~

Anyway, omg. Yesterday. For the whole entire day! There was this bloody annoying beeping sound in my room!!!! I was like. Fuck. What is that bloody sound. Every minute there's this fucking loud beep. I checked in the stupid boiler room. The switches all. And it wasn't it. I looked all over my room. NOOOOOO. Nothing!

So fine. Since I was watching Friends. I thought it wouldn't bother me. But NOOOOOO. Was I wrong!!!! When I wanted to sleep. Omg!!!!

Oh. Mei Ting said she scared it was a bomb or something. Ya. Great. A bomb in my room. And I'll die. Weeeee. Happy thoughts! -.-

So I checked the boiler again. ANd then it fucking beeped so loud. I found it!!! I found the bomb!
I mean. I found the fucking irritating beeper!!! It was this stupid British Gas thing. Where it beeps. Its telling you that something is up or something. Well. If it beeps one every minute. Means its running out of battery or something. 2 beeps its something and so on till 5 beeps continuously means theres um. What carbon gas thing again. Wtvla. Some gas thingy is in the air. And its a stupid alarm thing.

Now. It's outside there. Wrapped up in a blanket. And a whole pile of pillows are on top of it. I couldn't find the battery pack. And I felt like smashing it up like how Phoebe did with her fire alarm in one of the episodes. HEhehe. So now.

I can sleep somewhat peacfully.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bak Kut Teh!

Weeee! I cooked Bak Kut Teh yesterday night. Ok. Ok. Here's my whole day thingy bla bla bla..

28th February 2009

Woke up early to go to London. Super tired. Only slept for like 4 hours. Plus I was feeling sickish again. Ugh! Woke that woman up too. Got out of the house around 9am. Had to meet Celine and Tian Hao around 9:15am at the train.

The babi Chelle. She bought the wrong ticket. She bought return ticket on the day itself. -.-"
So had to use more money to buy another one. Omg. Hahaha.

Oh. I had £20 only. And when I bought my ticket. It was £13.45. So. I left £6.55 for lunch. Lolx. Sad isn't it. And I was worried that my Oyster card tada duit. Oh. Oyster cards are like touch and go. So ya. Anyway, I was worried la. But everytime before I leave London, I confirm got top-up and stuff. So no need to be so mafan when I come and top-up again.

But luckily. I do have money in it. Thank God! Or not I eat shit man. Lolx.

So. I had to go to the National Portrait Gallery for some assignment I'm doing on. We were going there to have a look-see and see what is it all about. The portraits were all on historic people and stuff like that. Damn nice! I wanted tot stay longer and really look at the pictures all. But its like. We go into a room. I'll be looking at one picture. Then my friends will be like. Amanda, let's go. And I will be like. WTF?! So fast?! I haven't seen all the portraits yet!!!!!

So ya. I would really like to go back to that place to really look and be awed by the portraits and stuff. The details on the paintings all are just so so. Ya. Hahaha.
And they were like, Wow Amanda, you really look at a picture for so long. Didn't know you were so cultured.


I feel like I've been insulted in a way. Its like I'm uncivilised or something. Lolx.

So anyway, we went off to McDonalds at Leicester Sq. Cause Celine wanted to eat there. So we all went there and discussed a little bit on the assignment. Then I went off with Chelle to Chinatown to eat. Wanted to join Mei Ting, Tian Hao and Elaine. But then. I was super hungry de. Tak boleh tahan man. So ya.

Went off to eat at that DimSum place. I forgot what's the shop called. So ya. Had duck rice! And some dim sum dishes. Super full. So ya. Remember I had only £6.55. And Chelle had £18 only. Our bill came. And it was £13.90. So it was just 7 each. Hehe. Then I found my Kipling coin purse. AND I ACTUALLY HAD £6 IN THERE!!! Lucky me. Not so broke de. Lolx. But anyway, Chelle wanted to buy groceries. And so we went next door to buy her stuff. She said she wanted to cook BKT. So we just bought mushrooms. And lazy to put other stuff in it. Hehe.

She had like £11 left. And the groceries were like £15 somethin. So I gave her £3 something. And we havent even bought the pork yet! Don't tell me we eat with mushrooms only?!?!!?
I had £2.04 left and she had £0.02. Hahaha. So we were like. Ok. Hopefully we can get £2.06 worth of pork. Hahahaha.

We saw all the pork. And didn't know which were the right ones. So I simply choosed one. And it was a small slab of it. We were like trying to ask her to cut in half for us or something. But then. You know. We two bananas. Tak boleh cakap punya. And the lady just put it into a bag. And weighed it. The meat costs like £3.99 per kg. Waaaaah. What if that was a kg or something. We hailat la.

I was like thinking. Shit shit shitla. Or according to Kok Lim. Sugar sugar sugarla. -.-
How la. We no money. Hehe.

The lady gave us the meat. And it was £2.45. Phew. But we were like. Where to get 40p wei. 40 cents also we dont have. Damn embarrasing. Luckily Chelle had 50p. Haha.

So. Ya. We paid. And walked home. Save money on transport. Hahaha. We walk into Ralph Lauren. To check on sometin.

Damn tired. Walk so much. Seriously. My legs were aching. I feel like Chelle likes to kill my legs or something. Or whenever I'm with her. -.-

Got home. Threw our stuff. Then went out again. Cause she wanted to show me some bookstore. Oh wow! The books. All lined up. Omg. Super awesome.

We stayed there for like an hour or so. Looking at books. There was like 3-4 books I would like to get de. *sob* If only. Aih.

Came home. Rested awhile. And we started cooking. I suck at cutting and chopping stuff. So I asked Chelle to do that while I do everything else. Hahaha. So well. We had to cut the pork. And Chelle was having a tough time doing it. She was pratically sawing the pork with her knife. So I went to help her. Omg. Memang tak boleh wei. We were like. How la wei!

You know how. I use the scissors. While she try to saw her way through the bloody pork meat. Bloody hard lo! The stupid skin so damn hard to cut. My hands also damn pain from using the scissors. In the end. We actually did it! We took like half an hour to cut that stupid meat.

Finally. We cook everything. And Chelle cooked the rice using the pot! Weeeee.

Nice la. We had Bak Kut Teh!!! Two don't know how to cook girls. Cooked Bak Kut Teh.

And it actually tasted nice! Hahaha.

The night was spent with watching movies. And drinking. We watched 50 First Dates first. and it depressed us. -.-
Bloody hell. -.-

So we drank and drank. Sobered up. And had Asam Laksa Maggie Mee. While watching Bolt. I fell asleep for like 5 minutes. Super tired and sleepy de wei. Finished watching. And just went to bed. Super tired de.


1st March 2009.

Woke up around 1 something. And babi Chelle still sleeping. Thank God her bed is big. Cause her ass was almost at my face if the bed was small. Got up and made myself bread and hot chocolate. Sigh.

She finally got up and we had breakfast. Scrambled eggs and sausages. Now she having her tea. And I need to go shower de.

Need to get back to Luton. So damn lazy. But I have to. Of course. And so. Pictures will be uploaded later. Or maybe not. Feel super lazy la. Hehe.


Oh. I just found out that I gotta boil the meat first before cutting it.

Fuck it la. Still can makan. Won't die. Lolx. Weeeeeeeeeee.


Role model? Whoosit?

Try it without looking at the answers......

please don't scroll down until you do this;

1) Pick your favorite number between 1-9

2) Multiply by 3 then

3) Add 3, then again Multiply by 3

4) You'll get a 2 or 3 digit number....

5) Add the digits together

Now START Scrolling down ..............

Now with that number, see who your ROLE MODEL is from the list below:

1. Einstein

2. Nelson Mandela

3. Abraham Lincoln

4. Helen Keller

5. Bill Gates

6. Gandhi

7. George Clooney

8. Thomas Edison

9. Amanda Hiew >.<

10. Ronald Reagan

Haheheaehahehahehaehahaehae. I know you love me too much that you make me as your role model. <3>
>.< *mwah* kiss for making me your role model. *mwahness* Lolx!