Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bak Kut Teh!

Weeee! I cooked Bak Kut Teh yesterday night. Ok. Ok. Here's my whole day thingy bla bla bla..

28th February 2009

Woke up early to go to London. Super tired. Only slept for like 4 hours. Plus I was feeling sickish again. Ugh! Woke that woman up too. Got out of the house around 9am. Had to meet Celine and Tian Hao around 9:15am at the train.

The babi Chelle. She bought the wrong ticket. She bought return ticket on the day itself. -.-"
So had to use more money to buy another one. Omg. Hahaha.

Oh. I had £20 only. And when I bought my ticket. It was £13.45. So. I left £6.55 for lunch. Lolx. Sad isn't it. And I was worried that my Oyster card tada duit. Oh. Oyster cards are like touch and go. So ya. Anyway, I was worried la. But everytime before I leave London, I confirm got top-up and stuff. So no need to be so mafan when I come and top-up again.

But luckily. I do have money in it. Thank God! Or not I eat shit man. Lolx.

So. I had to go to the National Portrait Gallery for some assignment I'm doing on. We were going there to have a look-see and see what is it all about. The portraits were all on historic people and stuff like that. Damn nice! I wanted tot stay longer and really look at the pictures all. But its like. We go into a room. I'll be looking at one picture. Then my friends will be like. Amanda, let's go. And I will be like. WTF?! So fast?! I haven't seen all the portraits yet!!!!!

So ya. I would really like to go back to that place to really look and be awed by the portraits and stuff. The details on the paintings all are just so so. Ya. Hahaha.
And they were like, Wow Amanda, you really look at a picture for so long. Didn't know you were so cultured.


I feel like I've been insulted in a way. Its like I'm uncivilised or something. Lolx.

So anyway, we went off to McDonalds at Leicester Sq. Cause Celine wanted to eat there. So we all went there and discussed a little bit on the assignment. Then I went off with Chelle to Chinatown to eat. Wanted to join Mei Ting, Tian Hao and Elaine. But then. I was super hungry de. Tak boleh tahan man. So ya.

Went off to eat at that DimSum place. I forgot what's the shop called. So ya. Had duck rice! And some dim sum dishes. Super full. So ya. Remember I had only £6.55. And Chelle had £18 only. Our bill came. And it was £13.90. So it was just 7 each. Hehe. Then I found my Kipling coin purse. AND I ACTUALLY HAD £6 IN THERE!!! Lucky me. Not so broke de. Lolx. But anyway, Chelle wanted to buy groceries. And so we went next door to buy her stuff. She said she wanted to cook BKT. So we just bought mushrooms. And lazy to put other stuff in it. Hehe.

She had like £11 left. And the groceries were like £15 somethin. So I gave her £3 something. And we havent even bought the pork yet! Don't tell me we eat with mushrooms only?!?!!?
I had £2.04 left and she had £0.02. Hahaha. So we were like. Ok. Hopefully we can get £2.06 worth of pork. Hahahaha.

We saw all the pork. And didn't know which were the right ones. So I simply choosed one. And it was a small slab of it. We were like trying to ask her to cut in half for us or something. But then. You know. We two bananas. Tak boleh cakap punya. And the lady just put it into a bag. And weighed it. The meat costs like £3.99 per kg. Waaaaah. What if that was a kg or something. We hailat la.

I was like thinking. Shit shit shitla. Or according to Kok Lim. Sugar sugar sugarla. -.-
How la. We no money. Hehe.

The lady gave us the meat. And it was £2.45. Phew. But we were like. Where to get 40p wei. 40 cents also we dont have. Damn embarrasing. Luckily Chelle had 50p. Haha.

So. Ya. We paid. And walked home. Save money on transport. Hahaha. We walk into Ralph Lauren. To check on sometin.

Damn tired. Walk so much. Seriously. My legs were aching. I feel like Chelle likes to kill my legs or something. Or whenever I'm with her. -.-

Got home. Threw our stuff. Then went out again. Cause she wanted to show me some bookstore. Oh wow! The books. All lined up. Omg. Super awesome.

We stayed there for like an hour or so. Looking at books. There was like 3-4 books I would like to get de. *sob* If only. Aih.

Came home. Rested awhile. And we started cooking. I suck at cutting and chopping stuff. So I asked Chelle to do that while I do everything else. Hahaha. So well. We had to cut the pork. And Chelle was having a tough time doing it. She was pratically sawing the pork with her knife. So I went to help her. Omg. Memang tak boleh wei. We were like. How la wei!

You know how. I use the scissors. While she try to saw her way through the bloody pork meat. Bloody hard lo! The stupid skin so damn hard to cut. My hands also damn pain from using the scissors. In the end. We actually did it! We took like half an hour to cut that stupid meat.

Finally. We cook everything. And Chelle cooked the rice using the pot! Weeeee.

Nice la. We had Bak Kut Teh!!! Two don't know how to cook girls. Cooked Bak Kut Teh.

And it actually tasted nice! Hahaha.

The night was spent with watching movies. And drinking. We watched 50 First Dates first. and it depressed us. -.-
Bloody hell. -.-

So we drank and drank. Sobered up. And had Asam Laksa Maggie Mee. While watching Bolt. I fell asleep for like 5 minutes. Super tired and sleepy de wei. Finished watching. And just went to bed. Super tired de.


1st March 2009.

Woke up around 1 something. And babi Chelle still sleeping. Thank God her bed is big. Cause her ass was almost at my face if the bed was small. Got up and made myself bread and hot chocolate. Sigh.

She finally got up and we had breakfast. Scrambled eggs and sausages. Now she having her tea. And I need to go shower de.

Need to get back to Luton. So damn lazy. But I have to. Of course. And so. Pictures will be uploaded later. Or maybe not. Feel super lazy la. Hehe.


Oh. I just found out that I gotta boil the meat first before cutting it.

Fuck it la. Still can makan. Won't die. Lolx. Weeeeeeeeeee.


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