Friday, March 27, 2009


I just realized how long I have been away from the blog scene. Me reading and updating myself with everyone's blog. sigh*

And me catching up on blogs, made me realized too how much I miss my friends. I miss going out with them. Miss doing rubbish stuff. Miss roaming around kl/pj in my car. Miss all the yum cha sessions. Miss everything.

With Stan being here. It made me miss home even more. Cause it's like he brought kl here with him. I'm always listening intently when he talks anything about kl or the people we know. And whats going on and stuff. I miss it terribly.

I really miss everything. I can't stand it staying here. Though I do enjoy it. The peacefulness of the place. And with me always being alone with myself. I don't get that much when I'm back in Kl. The only time I'm alone is when I'm in my car. Alone. And that doesn't last long. Cause there will be someone I have to pick up and stuff. Even when I'm in the toilet. I'm not alone! XD
*I shit and bathe with the toilet door open*

Its so weird not being able to do that here. I feel weird with the door close. Hahaha. I'm awesomely weird~ Woot~

Oh yes. I don't get to be alone. Cause well. I'm always surrounded with friends. My family. Its always noisy at my house. my car too. Lolx.

Oh well.

I don't really like being alone ya know. All these thinking I have. Too lazy to think about it so much. That's why I like being with a lot of people. So I don't have to think so much. Weeee~ Hahahaha.

I miss all of you! sob*

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