Thursday, March 5, 2009


Weeeeee~ I dyed my hair~ It's nothing much. Cause my hair is like black de. So ya. Can't really see the colour~ It looks the same. Only like maybe in a really really bright place. Then can la. But I don't want it to be so the bright also la. So it's just nice for me. >.<
I always wanna highlight red. OR PINK! That was what I wanted to do ever since I left high school. HIGHLIGHT PINK!!! Hot pink of cause~ Lalala.

But don't know why. Oh ya. I wanted to leave my hair long. Like really long. Then only highlight. But then. Cause. Everytime it gets long. I chop it off. Hehe.
Whaaat. I like la. Hehehe. Itchy hand la. Just need to cut it off. Tak boleh tahan le~

I wanna go back. I really really want to! I can't stand it la. Like seriously. And I want to get this over with. I'm so bloody pissed with this. Argh! Lalalalala~

Think happy thoughts~ I'm hungry. But cannot. I get fat. I getting fatter de! And ya. Est. You did put on weight de. Lalalalala~

I wanna do rebonding. Aih. Aih.

Sheesh. Today, I had a group meeting to go to. I went there. Waited for my for like bloody long. None of them turned up. And I was super lazy to call any of them. Hehehe. But in the end. I sms'ed one of em. Her name is Jurate. You pronounce as Yuratey. So ya. I just call her Yura. So anyway. We both waited for each other for like half an hour. Lolx. The whole time she was sitting right in front of the room while I was way back. Hahaha. It's quite big la ok. And she was sitting in a corner. Me too.

So well. It was only both of us who came up with ideas and crap. And my other 3 group members were..well..they disappeared. We tried calling them. Its either switched off or they didn't answer. Mcb. So ya. It was only the both of us. Bugger. We were quite pissed off.

So anyway. Came home. And I think I was practically stoning the whole day. I don't remember what I did. Shit wei. Oh. I think I was watching Malaysian Dreamgirl. Ya. Lolx. It's just funny how some of the girls can be. Lolx. Aih. Only one or two of em like boleh pakai. So ya.

oh well. Ok. I need to sleeping. Hehe-ing. Oh so tired de. Aish. Ladida~


Today. Is officially me being somewhat single for a freaking year~ SINGLE! SINGLE! Weeeeeeeeee~
Single for a year~
Weeeeeeeeenesssss~ Wiener?

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