Monday, March 9, 2009

I am soo soo lazy to upload the pictures in facebook. Plus I dont want to upload the pictures with me in it. I'M SOO FAT!!!!!

But anyway, I will. Do it. When I'm not lazy. And when I'm not tired. Been kinda doing my work the whole day. Sitting in front of my laptop. Eating biscuits. Mac and Cheese. Junkfood.
I'm fat. All I do is sit around and eat and eat and eat and eat. OMG.

Great la. Tomorrow morning. IF I can wake up. I'll go jogging. Hey. I think I've said that quite a lot of times de hor. Crap.

Ok. IF I can wake up early. And if it's not too cold. CHELLE. COme over! We need that healthy week thingy. I need to stop eating. Argh.

People. Please start telling me that I'm fat. So then I will stop eating. Argh.

Fat. Fat. Fat.


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