Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I PASS~!!!

I'm happy today! You know why!

CAUSE I BLOODY PASS MY EXAM!!!!! And my other subjects too.
I has pass~ But not enough to get a 3.2 of cause.
Bra bra. That will never work ok. I'm more of a 2pointsomething type of person. Lolx!

There goes my Pink Nintendo DS. Argh!!! Nevermind. I'll try my best for the rest now la k. Which I highly doubt I can do so. Lolx. Aih. Ok. Ok. I CAN DO IT!
Uh huh! Lolx.

Oh oh! And you know what!

I'm learning chinese! Lolx. It all started cause I wanted to kacau Tian Hao. Cause there's this chinese facebook. Its the same as facebook. Just that it is in Chinese. ANd there's this pet application thing. So ya. Basically, I wanted to kacau Tian Hao's pet.
But anyway, I actually applied for the chinese facebook which is called xiao nei. Which I still don't know what does that mean. Wait. Ok. It literally means School Inside. Xiao means School. While Nei means Inside. SO its, Inside School? Huh? Hahahahahahhaha.

Anyway, somehow, I downloaded this thingy where I can type chinese words! Weeeee! Lolx. And I can choose the skin and stuff. But too lazy to do that now. Anyway. Ya. I'm having fun with this learning mandarin thing. And I found a translator too. So ya. Hahahaha. Awesome la. Lolx.

So now my 老师 (lao shi - teacher) is Elaine and my new found one is WeiHua!!! Weeeee! Hahahaha. But pronounciation all, I sometimes guess it, cause I always hear Elaine and Mei Ting talk all. So ya. But of cause when I'm out with Elaine or something. Ya. Lalalalalala.

So now I'm trying to recognise the characters too. Hehe. And I'm jotting it all down on Microsoft Word. So I won't forget. Cause I keep asking Elain what is "I need to shit". Hahahaha. My favorite word. Hahaha. Which now I remember. "我要大便" - Wo Yao Da Bian. And "I need to pee" is "我要小便" - Wo Yao Xiao Bian.

Whahahahahhahha. I'm awesome la. Okla. I'm still learning. Weeeee~

Oh oh. 熊猫 - Xiong Mao means PANDA!!!

Lolx. I learned that from Weihua. Hehehe! 

kla. I need to sleep de. Damn a lot of work to do tomorrow. F*king stress like shit la. Argh. Two group meetings in one day and a class in between. Aih. Okla. Night~

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