Thursday, March 12, 2009


Chelle came over to Luton for a so called healthy weekend or something. I mean. Healthy two days thingy. I don't know if it will work or not. So ya. Lolx. But I've been feeling pissy the whole day. I'M IN PAIN!!!!!

We were buying waffles. And I was feeling super weak. Chelle was like. o.o "Why?"
SO ya. I had Chocolate waffles while Chelle had Chocolate Marshiemellows.

Around 7.30pm. Went out for Chinese food near Sainsbury. Cause well. We wanted to try something new. And the food there was good. Not too pricey tho. And the portion was quite a lot. For the 4 of us. We had to force our self to finish it.

After that. We head to Sainsbury for some grocery shopping.

And so. In conjunction for Red Nose Day. Me and Chelle decided to donate £1 each and become Rudolph for the hour!

Mine is the left one and Chelle's on the right one.

First take of 5 continuous shots.

It's 2.30am.
I'm sleepy.
ANd stoned.
Tired la!

Can't smile properly.

Or it'll drop off.
Chelle's one dropped off.
Trying to put it back.

I told you so.
Chelle still trying to put hers back

ANd still trying.

2nd take of 5 continouos shots.

Still blury me.
CHelle was half way putting on.

I need sleep.

Uh huh.

Oh well.
Its only made for these whites.
They have bigger noses.

Ah yes.. Well. Since you guys say Kimmy. So ya.
I just found this picture which I print screen last time.
I'm sucha wonderful sister~

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