Thursday, March 26, 2009


Sorry people for not updating and me always complaining at other people to update. I've been really busy with assignments and shit.

Every time I'm out of the house and when I get back. I just feel like resting and I can't be bothered to do anything else. So I'm sorry for not updating much.

Just a lil wish to my mummy. SHE'S 50!! And they threw a surprise birthday party for my mummy. WITHOUT ME!!!!! LIKE WTH LOOOOO! Lolx. I would make a post for her. I'm too tired now to upload any pictures and to actually really blog.

Other updates.

Was in London last Thursday. So ever since then I've been lazy to update. Cause well. Ya. Was in London. On Friday night. I cooked BKT again. And this time. It was doubly awesome! Lolx. Cause ya well. Me and Chelle did everything right. This time. Lolx.

We rushed to have dinner cause we wanted to get to Roadhouse earlier. It's cheaper before 10.30pm. But we decided. We can't get there in time. But at least we took the tube. Save money on transportation. We usually take the cab. So ya. And guess what.

We really drank bloody a lot! Cause well. I don't know why either. Pete remembered us! Woot!! When he was saw us. He was like "HI!!" XD. Ya. That was his expression. We realized we;ve not been there for the past er. 3 months or so. Well anyway. We ordered lotsa drinks from him. And whenever we get to the bar he'll be like. "A JD coke and a Midori Lemonade". Lolx. He knows what we like de. ANd and. There was this time. We had Tequila shot. Then we ordered our usual drinks. And then we were thinking. Why don't we get Jager shots too. ANd so ya we did. He was like. o.O Wow! You girls are HOT!

WOoot! Hahahahaha.

And there was this part where I was talking to a guy at the bar. And was getting him to buy me a drink. In the end he did. And he was like telling Pete. "These girls are so taking advantage of me!" And Pete put his hands on his chest and was like "Ya, it breaks my heart".
Lolx! Chelle was like. Its not me! Its not me! Its her!!! Her!!!
Hahahahha. Babi Chelle.

After Roadhouse. We were really tipsy. And was walking all over laughing our heads off. Thank gawd we brought pumps with us. Or we wouldve died in our heels. There was this guys who wanted to go home with us or we follow them home. We were like. Er. NO THANK YOU! SEE YA! And ran off laughing. But there were the bouncers there. So if anything was gonna happen. Well ya. Hehe.

SO ya. We were roaming around London. Laughing. And looking for a place to pee. We wanted to walk home to save money. But we somehow ended up near the London Eye. o.O From Covent Garden to there. It's like. O.O

We sooooo wanted to look for a dark place to pee. Couldn't stand it de. ANd we were laughing too. -.-"
In the end. I just stopped a cab. And ya. Went on home.

Had a lovely hangover the next morning. Cause Chelle was looking for a place to buy de. So were looking at some houses. Nice! But ya. Chelle's mum was like. You went to Roadhouse yesterday didn't you.

Our hangover lasted till like almost the whole day. Ugh!

Picked Stan up from the airport. And went for Sushi on Saturday night. After that. Headed back to Luton. So ya.

Been super busy now. With all the bloody assignments and the amount of group meetings I have. ANd now Stan is here as well. Gawd. I'm totally exhausted.

Went to Milton Keynes today for shopping. Bought some stuff. Legs aching.

This Saturday we are having steamboat. And having some friends over to our place. Fun! Fun! To celebrate Easter holidays. Lolx. Nothing much to celebrate. This bloody holiday is more like. Assignment Days~?

Now. We're planning to go Alton Towers. A theme park. Woooot!

Alright. Totally tired out.

Night peeps. I'll try to update more. Sigh*

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