Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I was beepd

Sorry not been blogging. hehe. Been lazy. Oh Oh. Posted few pictures of my birthday pressie from Mei and MingMing. Damn cute lo! Thank You!!!!!!!!
I don't feel like wearing it at all. I feel like framing it or something. Hahaha.

My friend said it looks like a pad.

Panda Socks!

And it came with a letter toooo.
And now I forgot where I put it.

Aren't they adowable~

Anyway, omg. Yesterday. For the whole entire day! There was this bloody annoying beeping sound in my room!!!! I was like. Fuck. What is that bloody sound. Every minute there's this fucking loud beep. I checked in the stupid boiler room. The switches all. And it wasn't it. I looked all over my room. NOOOOOO. Nothing!

So fine. Since I was watching Friends. I thought it wouldn't bother me. But NOOOOOO. Was I wrong!!!! When I wanted to sleep. Omg!!!!

Oh. Mei Ting said she scared it was a bomb or something. Ya. Great. A bomb in my room. And I'll die. Weeeee. Happy thoughts! -.-

So I checked the boiler again. ANd then it fucking beeped so loud. I found it!!! I found the bomb!
I mean. I found the fucking irritating beeper!!! It was this stupid British Gas thing. Where it beeps. Its telling you that something is up or something. Well. If it beeps one every minute. Means its running out of battery or something. 2 beeps its something and so on till 5 beeps continuously means theres um. What carbon gas thing again. Wtvla. Some gas thingy is in the air. And its a stupid alarm thing.

Now. It's outside there. Wrapped up in a blanket. And a whole pile of pillows are on top of it. I couldn't find the battery pack. And I felt like smashing it up like how Phoebe did with her fire alarm in one of the episodes. HEhehe. So now.

I can sleep somewhat peacfully.


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