Tuesday, March 10, 2009

F* Up White white stuff

Ok. The pictures are up in fb. I'm tooo lazy to wanna blog about my trip. Just that my friends said that Cambridge was a much nicer place. It was much more beautiful than Oxford. And they said that Oxford was a boring place. Which I think so too. Cause the shops are so cramped up and stuff. Though they obviously have more shops than in Luton. But at least Luton's mall is not so crampy.

Today's class, Media Relations Strategy, we had to do a presentation on Red Nose Day. This fund raising campaign by Comic Relief, for Africa and UK. So we were given an organization and to give a presentation on what type of activities and stuff that we will hold for Red Nose Day that will be sufficient to get media coverage and stuff. So ya. We had Arndale Centre which was the mall in Luton. Others had Primark, Uni of Bedfordshire, Luton FC and stuff like that.

So anyway, my lecturer will randomly pick a group, and we will have to present. My group was the second group. *bugger* But kinda lucky me, since my group member, she saved the presentation in the 2007 format. And the uni computers couldn't read it. Too high tech de. Lolx. So. WE HAVE TO PRESENT NEXT WEEK. THE FIRST TO PRESENT. MCH. WHY! WHY?!

So anyway, Mei Ting's group went up after two other groups. And the past week, she's been telling me about her group members being really lazy and they like totally do not listen to her and stuff like that. And the past week, she's been asking me how to construct this sentence and stuff, and telling me some of her ideas she came up for her group. She was doing on Primark.

Then, they finally meet up and stuff. And did their presentation. And they actually didn't wanna do it cause they said its highly unlikely for them to be chosen. So they don't really have to do it. -.-"

But anyway, they were called out and present. You know what, I seriously felt like scolding some of the white shit heads who think they are so bloody smart or some shit. When it was Mei Ting's turn to present. They started laughing cause of her accent. You know. Those chinesey accent type. Ya. They started laughing at her. Wtf. I really wanted to kill them. There was even a girl who was laughing till she cried. You know how bloody hurtful it is when you are already bloody nervous to stand up there.
In front of so many people, and we being the minority there. And you're being laughed at. Mch. Not only that. HER FUCKING GROUP MATE WAS LAUGHING TILL HER FACE TURNED BLOODY RED. I wanted to go slap that german bitch. Seriously.

And you know what. My bloody lecturers. TWO OF THEM. Didn't do anything. But there was some mistake on the slide that MT was presenting on. Cause she already told them in the discussion that statement was wrong. But they didn't want to listen to her. So she said out loud in class. That they made a mistake in the slide. And she was telling my lecturer and asking him what she said was right. And told him the correct one....and he said. Yes. Mt, you're right. Her group mates just stone there and shut their bloody mouth de. The ones who was laughing at her accent, stopped laughing.

And this time, some of them were laughing and saying she was bloody brave to do that. To stand up there to say like their group mates, who were bloody freaking ang mohs who are supposedly good in English. For making a mistake, which she being a Chinese, pointing out a freaking mistake which they didn't want to change.

Bloody discriminating chinese. Think we bloody hell don't know how to speak english. They totally look down on MT and did not want to listen to her comments. Like wtf. And she showed us her slide. Omg. Seriously, not being bias cause well, ya. But her slides were WAAAAAY better! It had better ideas than those boring ones. And their slide was bloody boring, cause there was no images and it was dull. Fuck la. Cause she sent her slides to them. They deleted hers. MCH.

They being e u students. We speak better english than those fuckers la. Even with our LA's also better than them. They bloody hell don't even know how to spell shits. MEI TING HAD TO CORRECT THEM FOR GOD'S SAKE!

Even up on their presentation. You can see freaking spelling errors. Bloody idiots. If we had a spelling contest. We can beat those idiots!


Seriously. These ang mohs. Tak boleh guna la.

Ok. Just venting a bit. Seriously wanted to ask them to shut their mouth. Or I'll bloody hell slap them. But I obviously do not want to do it. My hand pain la later. And I don't want to break a nail too. >.<


K. I'm being forced to watch Unborn. I'm gonna bring my headset. And press play when scary scenes come up. And close my eyes too. I'm paying £4.70 to scare the shit outta me, and for sleepless nights. I need sleeping pills. Now I have to spend more for sleeping pills. Like wtf. -.-"



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