Monday, August 31, 2009

Promise you. Promise me.

I always don't like promises. I don't make promises to anyone unless I know I'm able to really do it. Because I've broken too many promises and know how much it really disappoint someone when its not kept. So I don't ever make any promises. Ever.

That's why. In a way. When someone makes a promise to me. I kinda expect them to keep it too. Or at least. Don't keep making empty promises.

There's always excuses then. When they can't keep the promise. So. They promise again. And again. And again. they break it. Don't you just get sick of it.

Promises are meant to be kept.
Not meant to be broken.
I believed in you.
I trusted you.
Yet I was deceived.
Don't want to hear it anymore.
My heart can't take more of your lies.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

And there was Light!

So my housemate changed the light bulb. And guess what. I didn't know. I went in the toilet. Thinking that it was spoiled. So fine. I brushed my teeth in the dark. But of cause the door was open. When I wanted to shower. I thought. Aiya. Try la. But it didn't work. So fine. I showered with the door open again. Hoping that no one suddenly walk in.

When Mei Ting got back. She told me that Gabriella changed the light bulb de. And she showed me with switching on the light. -.-

I was like. Wtf la. Made me shower in the dark with the door open. Ish ish.

Washed my towel today. Handwash. I think I can gain muscles too from it. Hahaha. Trying to freaking dry it. Ish. Ish.

Found out some stuff today which I kinda sorta expected. Don't know why. Just had a feeling. >.<

And two days in a row I made two different people a lil bit happier. I mean. I hope. Lolx. I know the first one was. And that person called me a nice lovable bitch. Shit. I should have quoted the person. Hahaha. And the second person. I hope what you told me de, made you a lil, I don't know. Clearer of the situation or something. Oh well.

Just know. To the both of you. I'm always supporting you guys all the way. No matter what. Love you! >.<

Oooh. I like to quote the person too. That I'm a person that won't judge my friends or people so easily and that I understand them better. Weeeee~

Well, this comments has kinda helped me these days.

Never been like this before.
Never had moments like this before.
I wish it go away.
I wish it won't come back.

Words from you.
Lightened up my heart.
These dark moments I've been feeling.
Slowly seeped away.

But even so.
I can't stop this.
I just need something far.
I just need home.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Stupid Stupid Toilet

When you think things are getting better. Its not. Never think that. You'll just jinx yourself or something. Lolx. This afternoon. I went out to the Central market, its the asian grocery shop. Got myself some stuff. Damn, it was freaking heavy. And I found out that Mei TIng went too. Babi. Oh well. Anyway, came home. Washed my clothes. HAND WASH. I'm doing bit by bit everyday. And when I took the bucket up. There was a spider. And it was big. Bugger. Damn scary ok. I was looking at it the whole time. Hoping it won't come at me. Eeeeee.

Cooked myself some food and watched Roswell season 2. I just finished it by the way. >.< And I was at the part where Alex died. And was crying. Yes. Imma crybaby. Then Mei Ting called me out. And found out that the toilet light is out. Nice one la. And so. Again. I have to shower without any lights. I had to leave the door open while I'm showering. Sad. Seriously. Ugh.

I've been eating one meal a day. Just too lazy to go down to cook. Oh. I bought some Hello Panda's today too! It's been sho long since I had them. Sigh~

I shall have them right now then. What to do. What to do.

Friday, August 28, 2009

I has Internet!

And so. I FINALLY got my Internet connection back. Though it's still a lil unstable. And I don't know why I can't sign in to msn. So look for me in skype if you need me. >.< Which I think no one will. Anyway. Gabriella, my house mate, found out that SOMEONE REQUESTED to deactivate the account for our broadband. Like. WTF?!?! OBVIOUSLY, Gab won't do that. Why would she? So who the eff went and deactivate it. -.-


Seriously lo. Damn cibai.

Oh well. I can't do my visa yet cause I need to wait for my cert first. Or my results. Then I can only apply for my visa. That would be around mid Sept. My lease ends on the 21st of Sept. But Elaine let me stay on till the 29th. So the 29th. I'm gonna ask a.jane if I can stay at her place. For a month or so before I move into chelle's place. Cause I can't use the money in my bank cause of the visa. And it takes around 1 month or so for the visa. I guess. And so. I won't have enough cash yet to stay with Chelle. But of cause. Chelle. I need to at least throw my stuff at your place first. >.<>.<

So ya. And Aunty Jane. If you read this first and I have not asked you yet. Cause my phone is barred. Nice one. >.< And so. Can I stay with you for a month plus? Hehehe. I'm coming on the 29th. Of Sept. Yes. Aish. So ya.

Now. I don't want to look for job in Luton. Cause for one. It's dangerous when I walk back alone. And plus Mei Ting is moving out this Saturday. And yes. I'm gonna stay alone. And yes. Thanks MingMing to remind me its the Hungry Ghost Festival now. I don't want to walk around late at night. Yes. SO I won't get into any shit.

And guess what. There's a spider nest behind the fridge. The whole place is crawling with spiders. -.- And you know. Next to my room is the roof. Cause of the toilet and teh washing machine downstairs. Ya. In the morning when Mei Ting was cooking. She saw an Iguana on the rooftop. And when she wanted to take a picture of it. It jumped off the roof and into the jungle of ours. Yes. I said before. I have a mini Jungle out back. So we have spiders, iguana and slugs living in our jungle. Oh we have slugs too living behind out stove. It comes out at night to say hi. There's a mother father and baby slug. Which I find it super gross. So I try not to go downstairs.

Such a nice place I live in.

SO now. I have to hand wash my clothes. One by one. Cause of the animals thats living outside. And also. I have a small bucket to wash my stuff in. So sad ok. So ya. My poor soft silky hands, I have to say bye bye to them. Hahaha.

Why I'm not coming back yet.

- Results coming out around mid September
- After getting my results, apply visa.
- Stay with Aunty Jane and Uncle Bill for a month or so.
- Get part time job while staying there.
- Visa takes about 1-3 months?
- After getting my visa.
- If visa approved. Come back for a month. Probably in November or January?
- If visa not approved. Appeal. Takes another 1-3 months?
- If still not approved. I'll be back for good.

Understando? Yes-oh? Goodo!

Now I need ta sleepo. Aih. Tired. Ok. Night~

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stupid Stupid Rain!

I thought Aunty Jane's comp was slow. But this is as bad as that. I'm sitting at a cyber cafe. And the computer is omg. Slow. And then it seems like it will hang kei and crash anytime soon. Seriously. Not only that. This place just open like few months only? Its new. Like freaking new. I didn't want to go to the other cyber cafe cause the last time I went. There was this guy with freaking bad dandruff problem man. Eeeeee.

He's WHOLE shoulder was filled with dandruff. And you can see specks of it on his hair. ZOMG. Damn gross la. Some more don't know if he left any on the chair. And I don't know if he's a regular there or not. Cause I saw him playing that browser game Runescape. The game I used to play a long long time ago. Lolx.

I want to DOTA LA!!!!!!!!!!! Dah la I got nothing to do now. The stupid internet connection must be down. Cb. I was so tempted to buy more games just now. Or a box of DVD to watch. But of cause I don't want to waste my money. But still!!!!!!!! Damn 7 boring la!!!! I think I MIGHT buy some tomorrow. I don't know. See how la. Cause there was this promo for like 3 games for £10 only. But still. My £10 can buy me groceries of like what. 3-5 days. £20 can buy me almost a week. Depends la. Cause I still eat maggie mee too. Oh. Which reminds me I need to buy some indomee from the chinese market. But so far la to walk. Some more raining today plus its drizzling/raining. Cbian.

Sorry for ranting and ranting. I have no other human interactions. I don't talk much to Mei Ting and Tian Hao cause well. We don't always eat together and we're always in the room. I meant talking like talking online!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! All I have is my computer game which is Theme Hospital. And my PSP. And I don't have any movies to watch.

Oh. I still have some movies from last time the DVD guy gave us for free. I haven't watch those yet. And you know what!!! My theme hospital. I saved my game. And actually pass through that freaking hard level. And then. My laptop thought it would be fun to annoy me and went and switched itself off by itself. CB ah!!!! So. I switched it back on. Luckily nothing happened. I mean to my laptop. I think it overheated or something. I need a desktop computer. Well anyway, I played my theme hospital again. And you know what! THE THING BLOODY HELL LOST ALL OF MY SAVED GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saved it in 3 different slots. AND ALL GONE. So ok. I just played again la.

Went to shower after that. I thought. If save then ok la. But cb ah. My saved game is gone again. So I played it again. Argh. I dont know now when I went to sleep. If my game will not be saved or not. I played it so many times man. sob*

And I think I forgot my password for my msn!!!! WHAT THE HELLL!!! I DON'T REMEMBER CHANGING IT LOHH!!!!! Ish ish! Damn kebabian man.

Ok la. I'll stop complaining de. >.<

I want to go watch movie. I've already shopped alone. Had lunch and dinner alone. Walked around alone. Everything alone. So now. I haven't tried watching movie alone. Such a sad sad life. Aih*

I got another 30 minutes to be on this oh so slow computer. Aih. So sad. Ok la. I'll shall stop complaining. AND BLOODY HELL HOPE THAT MY STUPID INTERNET CONNECTION WILL BE BETTER!!!! I so feel like throwing it out the window. I think I'll go and have dinner alone. I'll go and have indian food. Shall have take away la. Didn't bring my PSP with me. Sigh*


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Stupid Internet COnnection

Hey all. My internet has been down for the last few days. I am on now cause stealing the next door line. And not only that. I can't sit in the lounge area like I used to cause I can't get the signal from there. I'm now sitting in Mei Ting's room using the line. So damn bloody sad.

Don't know what's wrong with the virgin media. Ish ish. Not only that. I've already finished the series I downloaded last time. But the thing is. I didn't finish downloading. So it keeps skipping scenes and I can't watch it properly. It tested my patience and I found out that I'm QUITE a patient person. ARGH!!!! Well. While I wait for it to load properly, I played with my psp. So ya. not so bored. But now.


Damn freaking sien la! And Tian Hao also JUST deleted all his series too. Only left a Korean Drama but it's mandarin subtitled. Ish. Ish.

So now. I'm freaking bored. I played with my games de. So damn sien. You know it sucks whenever you die and have to start the level again. I DIED 4 TIMES OK!!!! HAVE TO START THE LEVEL 4 TIMES OK! Oh. It's the Theme Hospital game! >.<

Bored laaaaa! And plus. I'm so damn lazy to go out and buy groceries and cook food. SO LAZZYYYYY!

Sigh. Now have to go back down now. Don't want to disturb Mei Ting de. Aih.

K Bye!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Stupid Stupid Day

Oh wow. Been awhile since I've been here! Or was it? Lolx. Oh well. Anyway! Been doing my assignment. Finished it and handed it in. And omg.

SOb* I woke up at 4a.m. to finish up some last minute work. I finished it around 10 something and left the house around 11 or so. I had to walk to uni. Mei Ting and Tian Hao was going to Leicester for some stuff. They're going to continue studying there for their Masters. How wonderful. Wish I can do that too. But I'm too lazy to study. Or work. Or actually. Anything else. I'm lazy.

Well. Anyway. I was thinking. I should bring my umbrella in case it rains cause it looked like it was going to rain. But guess what. When I walked out the door and down the street. Only then I remembered. -.-

And I was too lazy to walk back up and open two doors. Damn susah ok. Hehe.

Anyway. It drizzle a bit. And I didn't bother since I was going to be in the library printing. And you know what. I HATE THE NEW SYSTEM!!! This is how it works. YOU THINK ITS LIKE SUPER CANGGIH OR SOMETHING BUT IT SUCKS!!!

So how its done. You just press print to whatever and how many documents you like. I had three different files to print. So you just send it all to print. Oh. And when you use the comp, like every other college and stuff, you need to login with your id and stuff right. So anyway, I was using Elaine's Id. Cause I think I have some late return books. ANd so I thought I had no time to deal with that. But well. Ya.

So. I sent my stuff to print. And then you go to the printer. There's two different printers, one colour and one black & white. I had both. I had to print out 92 b&w and 22colour. It only cost me 5p for b&w and 15p for colour. So.

At the printer. There's this scanner thing. You scan your student id. And then it will verify your card and then show you the documents you want to print. Cause sometimes you might have printed something you dont want. So you can delete that print job. So ok. You know what. I don't know why. But they have to choose today as the day for the stupid thing to not work properly.

You know how damn frustrating is it. EVERYONE WAS PRINTING THEIR ASSIGNMENTS! EVERYONE WAS WAITING TO HAND IN THE WORK. Cibai. Luckily I was there early. Or not hailat de.

So, the next thing to do was to look for a cyber cafe and print my stuff. I had to walk to the other end of the town to get there. ANd you know what. IT WAS FREAKING RAINING. Nice one la. So ya. Got there, put in my work. And print my stuff. ANd you know what. It costs me 9p for b&w and 50p for colour. And. It cost me 20BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just spent RM120 to print my work!!!! AND ALL OF IT ARE NOT EVEN IN COLOUR!!!!! Like wtf. -.-

If I don't freaking pass this. ARGH!!! Pissing off. Oh. That's not the end of it. I open my purse. Gyahahahaha. I only had 10 pounds. -.-

So. I had to walk back to the mall to withdraw money. Cause they don't accept card there. Cb ah! Thank Gawd it stopped raining. But still!!! Had to walk here and there. After that. Had to go to bind it. Then walk to hand it in. Sigh* It was already 2pm when I was done.

And it was super sunny the whole way. Lolx.

So now. I'm done with that. Its time to apply for my visa. This doesn't stop man. All this mafan ness. Ish. So damn lazy. After I'm done with my visa. Wait for them to accept it.


Sigh* I so don't like this.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Zombie.Cute Kid.

Omg. You MUST watch this. I got this from Kelly's blog. But well. You HAVE to watch this. I teared from laughing so hard and also teared from being touched by the kids. Lolx. If it were me, I think I would have hit the guys balls de. Hahahahahahha.


For people who do not like to read or hear swear words. Please proceed after the words which are highlighted in red.

WhatTheFuck. ChaoCiBai. ChaoHai. MaChaoHai. KaNiNe. KaNiNa. CiBai. MaHai. TiuLe. TiuNiaSing. ShitIKnowThatIKnowMoreButSuddenlyIJustCan'tThinkOfAnymore!!!


Well. I'm pissed off. Cause that fella. Can nicely take away the line away! And I KNOW she KNOWS that I'm back. She was standing outside my door. Trying to see if I was back or not. And she can take away the line. CiBaiFuckHead.

Here's the story. I just got back to Luton. And the internet line is normally divided to three of us. Me, Elaine and the other fuckedup housemate of ours. So this other hsemate. She pays the bill for the internet. And me and Elaine just pay her. But we paid the deposit too for the internet. So, in a way, it's rightfully ours too. Just that its under her name. BUT WE PAID FAIR AND SQUARE.

So, the first month, she did not pay for the internet or two months, I don't remember. Cause her laptop wasn't working and she SAID that she won't be using the internet so it's not fair for her to pay. Fine. So me and Elaine, we were not gonna be here for like a month or two. And so we told her we won't be paying those times.

But well. I'm back. And I wasn't sure she was home. Cause it sounded quiet and all. ANd you know what.


I never know if she's home. But she will definitely know I'm home. I FREAKING LIVE NEXT TO THE TOILET LA! I don't understand why she can't come and knock on my door. And ask me to pay and stuff.

But nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. SHE TOOK IT WITH HER. -.-

Oh well. Whatever it is. I was waiting the whole day for her to get back. ANd FINALLY she's back. So ya.


Anyway. On a happier not. I watched G-FOrce!!! Super cute la! Lolx. Well, I liked it. I always like cartoons. So ya. Leave me alone! Hehe. ^v^ *gonna make Chelle like cartoons too!!!!* Hahahha. She doesn't like 'em. But surprisingly she said that IceAge was nice. And she WANTED to watch G Force too. Lolx. Step by step la.

K. I'm gonna go sleep now. Will rant more about that babi shit tomorrow. >.<

Noooooooooo. My "Enter" button is cacat de. Noooooooo. It's like soft. Noooooo.

The "fee-ling" is not so nice de!!! Sob*




Monday, August 3, 2009

Tiesto. Phone. Luton

Oh wow. Been so long no updates. Well. Not my fault. Babi Chelle's been moving house. And I've been helping her. So By the time I get to go online. I'm too freaking tired. Oh well. Anyway.
I quit my job at the restaurant. And now I'm back in Luton. I have to do my dissertation again in order to graduate. So sad. Everyone else has already grad. I'm still stuck at home to do it. Ish.
So thats why I'm back here. And also cause Chelle kicked me out of her house.



Oh oh! I went for Tiesto the other day! Frigging awesome. But it wasn't Chelle's thing. Sorry Chelle! I really didn't know that. I thought you can layan. But turns out it really isn't your thing. Sowwie!

I loved it. Wish it was longer. But wth. It starts at 4pm till 10:45pm. Got there around 4-5pm. I was more excited about the foodstalls they had around there then anything else. Haha. Oops. I have some pictures I took. But all my stuff are packed in the bag. So I'm lazy to take it out now. Lazy to unpack. Tomorrow maybe.

Anyway. You know there were kids even!!! Everyone's like drinking and smoking and stuff. And jumping about. And then there were kids. -.- I don't know what the parents were thinking la. Oh well. ANd guess what. At the end of the night. It was freaking dark. I FOUND A PHONE! Hahaha. I tell you. Should work as those people who clears up the place. Confirm can find don't know how many phones man. Too bad it wasn't an iPhone. Sheesh. Hehe.

Well. Too lazy to update more. Look out for pictures up in facebook. Hopefully I will be able to get it done. Hehe. Gotta wake up early in the morning tomorrow to look for my stupid lecturer. So damn pissed off with her man. I can bloody throw something at her. Ish.

Ok ok. No negative mode now. >.<

Night all!