Sunday, August 30, 2009

And there was Light!

So my housemate changed the light bulb. And guess what. I didn't know. I went in the toilet. Thinking that it was spoiled. So fine. I brushed my teeth in the dark. But of cause the door was open. When I wanted to shower. I thought. Aiya. Try la. But it didn't work. So fine. I showered with the door open again. Hoping that no one suddenly walk in.

When Mei Ting got back. She told me that Gabriella changed the light bulb de. And she showed me with switching on the light. -.-

I was like. Wtf la. Made me shower in the dark with the door open. Ish ish.

Washed my towel today. Handwash. I think I can gain muscles too from it. Hahaha. Trying to freaking dry it. Ish. Ish.

Found out some stuff today which I kinda sorta expected. Don't know why. Just had a feeling. >.<

And two days in a row I made two different people a lil bit happier. I mean. I hope. Lolx. I know the first one was. And that person called me a nice lovable bitch. Shit. I should have quoted the person. Hahaha. And the second person. I hope what you told me de, made you a lil, I don't know. Clearer of the situation or something. Oh well.

Just know. To the both of you. I'm always supporting you guys all the way. No matter what. Love you! >.<

Oooh. I like to quote the person too. That I'm a person that won't judge my friends or people so easily and that I understand them better. Weeeee~

Well, this comments has kinda helped me these days.

Never been like this before.
Never had moments like this before.
I wish it go away.
I wish it won't come back.

Words from you.
Lightened up my heart.
These dark moments I've been feeling.
Slowly seeped away.

But even so.
I can't stop this.
I just need something far.
I just need home.

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