Friday, August 28, 2009

I has Internet!

And so. I FINALLY got my Internet connection back. Though it's still a lil unstable. And I don't know why I can't sign in to msn. So look for me in skype if you need me. >.< Which I think no one will. Anyway. Gabriella, my house mate, found out that SOMEONE REQUESTED to deactivate the account for our broadband. Like. WTF?!?! OBVIOUSLY, Gab won't do that. Why would she? So who the eff went and deactivate it. -.-


Seriously lo. Damn cibai.

Oh well. I can't do my visa yet cause I need to wait for my cert first. Or my results. Then I can only apply for my visa. That would be around mid Sept. My lease ends on the 21st of Sept. But Elaine let me stay on till the 29th. So the 29th. I'm gonna ask a.jane if I can stay at her place. For a month or so before I move into chelle's place. Cause I can't use the money in my bank cause of the visa. And it takes around 1 month or so for the visa. I guess. And so. I won't have enough cash yet to stay with Chelle. But of cause. Chelle. I need to at least throw my stuff at your place first. >.<>.<

So ya. And Aunty Jane. If you read this first and I have not asked you yet. Cause my phone is barred. Nice one. >.< And so. Can I stay with you for a month plus? Hehehe. I'm coming on the 29th. Of Sept. Yes. Aish. So ya.

Now. I don't want to look for job in Luton. Cause for one. It's dangerous when I walk back alone. And plus Mei Ting is moving out this Saturday. And yes. I'm gonna stay alone. And yes. Thanks MingMing to remind me its the Hungry Ghost Festival now. I don't want to walk around late at night. Yes. SO I won't get into any shit.

And guess what. There's a spider nest behind the fridge. The whole place is crawling with spiders. -.- And you know. Next to my room is the roof. Cause of the toilet and teh washing machine downstairs. Ya. In the morning when Mei Ting was cooking. She saw an Iguana on the rooftop. And when she wanted to take a picture of it. It jumped off the roof and into the jungle of ours. Yes. I said before. I have a mini Jungle out back. So we have spiders, iguana and slugs living in our jungle. Oh we have slugs too living behind out stove. It comes out at night to say hi. There's a mother father and baby slug. Which I find it super gross. So I try not to go downstairs.

Such a nice place I live in.

SO now. I have to hand wash my clothes. One by one. Cause of the animals thats living outside. And also. I have a small bucket to wash my stuff in. So sad ok. So ya. My poor soft silky hands, I have to say bye bye to them. Hahaha.

Why I'm not coming back yet.

- Results coming out around mid September
- After getting my results, apply visa.
- Stay with Aunty Jane and Uncle Bill for a month or so.
- Get part time job while staying there.
- Visa takes about 1-3 months?
- After getting my visa.
- If visa approved. Come back for a month. Probably in November or January?
- If visa not approved. Appeal. Takes another 1-3 months?
- If still not approved. I'll be back for good.

Understando? Yes-oh? Goodo!

Now I need ta sleepo. Aih. Tired. Ok. Night~

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