Monday, August 31, 2009

Promise you. Promise me.

I always don't like promises. I don't make promises to anyone unless I know I'm able to really do it. Because I've broken too many promises and know how much it really disappoint someone when its not kept. So I don't ever make any promises. Ever.

That's why. In a way. When someone makes a promise to me. I kinda expect them to keep it too. Or at least. Don't keep making empty promises.

There's always excuses then. When they can't keep the promise. So. They promise again. And again. And again. they break it. Don't you just get sick of it.

Promises are meant to be kept.
Not meant to be broken.
I believed in you.
I trusted you.
Yet I was deceived.
Don't want to hear it anymore.
My heart can't take more of your lies.

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