Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stupid Stupid Rain!

I thought Aunty Jane's comp was slow. But this is as bad as that. I'm sitting at a cyber cafe. And the computer is omg. Slow. And then it seems like it will hang kei and crash anytime soon. Seriously. Not only that. This place just open like few months only? Its new. Like freaking new. I didn't want to go to the other cyber cafe cause the last time I went. There was this guy with freaking bad dandruff problem man. Eeeeee.

He's WHOLE shoulder was filled with dandruff. And you can see specks of it on his hair. ZOMG. Damn gross la. Some more don't know if he left any on the chair. And I don't know if he's a regular there or not. Cause I saw him playing that browser game Runescape. The game I used to play a long long time ago. Lolx.

I want to DOTA LA!!!!!!!!!!! Dah la I got nothing to do now. The stupid internet connection must be down. Cb. I was so tempted to buy more games just now. Or a box of DVD to watch. But of cause I don't want to waste my money. But still!!!!!!!! Damn 7 boring la!!!! I think I MIGHT buy some tomorrow. I don't know. See how la. Cause there was this promo for like 3 games for £10 only. But still. My £10 can buy me groceries of like what. 3-5 days. £20 can buy me almost a week. Depends la. Cause I still eat maggie mee too. Oh. Which reminds me I need to buy some indomee from the chinese market. But so far la to walk. Some more raining today plus its drizzling/raining. Cbian.

Sorry for ranting and ranting. I have no other human interactions. I don't talk much to Mei Ting and Tian Hao cause well. We don't always eat together and we're always in the room. I meant talking like talking online!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! All I have is my computer game which is Theme Hospital. And my PSP. And I don't have any movies to watch.

Oh. I still have some movies from last time the DVD guy gave us for free. I haven't watch those yet. And you know what!!! My theme hospital. I saved my game. And actually pass through that freaking hard level. And then. My laptop thought it would be fun to annoy me and went and switched itself off by itself. CB ah!!!! So. I switched it back on. Luckily nothing happened. I mean to my laptop. I think it overheated or something. I need a desktop computer. Well anyway, I played my theme hospital again. And you know what! THE THING BLOODY HELL LOST ALL OF MY SAVED GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saved it in 3 different slots. AND ALL GONE. So ok. I just played again la.

Went to shower after that. I thought. If save then ok la. But cb ah. My saved game is gone again. So I played it again. Argh. I dont know now when I went to sleep. If my game will not be saved or not. I played it so many times man. sob*

And I think I forgot my password for my msn!!!! WHAT THE HELLL!!! I DON'T REMEMBER CHANGING IT LOHH!!!!! Ish ish! Damn kebabian man.

Ok la. I'll stop complaining de. >.<

I want to go watch movie. I've already shopped alone. Had lunch and dinner alone. Walked around alone. Everything alone. So now. I haven't tried watching movie alone. Such a sad sad life. Aih*

I got another 30 minutes to be on this oh so slow computer. Aih. So sad. Ok la. I'll shall stop complaining. AND BLOODY HELL HOPE THAT MY STUPID INTERNET CONNECTION WILL BE BETTER!!!! I so feel like throwing it out the window. I think I'll go and have dinner alone. I'll go and have indian food. Shall have take away la. Didn't bring my PSP with me. Sigh*


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