Saturday, August 22, 2009

Stupid Stupid Day

Oh wow. Been awhile since I've been here! Or was it? Lolx. Oh well. Anyway! Been doing my assignment. Finished it and handed it in. And omg.

SOb* I woke up at 4a.m. to finish up some last minute work. I finished it around 10 something and left the house around 11 or so. I had to walk to uni. Mei Ting and Tian Hao was going to Leicester for some stuff. They're going to continue studying there for their Masters. How wonderful. Wish I can do that too. But I'm too lazy to study. Or work. Or actually. Anything else. I'm lazy.

Well. Anyway. I was thinking. I should bring my umbrella in case it rains cause it looked like it was going to rain. But guess what. When I walked out the door and down the street. Only then I remembered. -.-

And I was too lazy to walk back up and open two doors. Damn susah ok. Hehe.

Anyway. It drizzle a bit. And I didn't bother since I was going to be in the library printing. And you know what. I HATE THE NEW SYSTEM!!! This is how it works. YOU THINK ITS LIKE SUPER CANGGIH OR SOMETHING BUT IT SUCKS!!!

So how its done. You just press print to whatever and how many documents you like. I had three different files to print. So you just send it all to print. Oh. And when you use the comp, like every other college and stuff, you need to login with your id and stuff right. So anyway, I was using Elaine's Id. Cause I think I have some late return books. ANd so I thought I had no time to deal with that. But well. Ya.

So. I sent my stuff to print. And then you go to the printer. There's two different printers, one colour and one black & white. I had both. I had to print out 92 b&w and 22colour. It only cost me 5p for b&w and 15p for colour. So.

At the printer. There's this scanner thing. You scan your student id. And then it will verify your card and then show you the documents you want to print. Cause sometimes you might have printed something you dont want. So you can delete that print job. So ok. You know what. I don't know why. But they have to choose today as the day for the stupid thing to not work properly.

You know how damn frustrating is it. EVERYONE WAS PRINTING THEIR ASSIGNMENTS! EVERYONE WAS WAITING TO HAND IN THE WORK. Cibai. Luckily I was there early. Or not hailat de.

So, the next thing to do was to look for a cyber cafe and print my stuff. I had to walk to the other end of the town to get there. ANd you know what. IT WAS FREAKING RAINING. Nice one la. So ya. Got there, put in my work. And print my stuff. ANd you know what. It costs me 9p for b&w and 50p for colour. And. It cost me 20BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just spent RM120 to print my work!!!! AND ALL OF IT ARE NOT EVEN IN COLOUR!!!!! Like wtf. -.-

If I don't freaking pass this. ARGH!!! Pissing off. Oh. That's not the end of it. I open my purse. Gyahahahaha. I only had 10 pounds. -.-

So. I had to walk back to the mall to withdraw money. Cause they don't accept card there. Cb ah! Thank Gawd it stopped raining. But still!!! Had to walk here and there. After that. Had to go to bind it. Then walk to hand it in. Sigh* It was already 2pm when I was done.

And it was super sunny the whole way. Lolx.

So now. I'm done with that. Its time to apply for my visa. This doesn't stop man. All this mafan ness. Ish. So damn lazy. After I'm done with my visa. Wait for them to accept it.


Sigh* I so don't like this.

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