Monday, August 3, 2009

Tiesto. Phone. Luton

Oh wow. Been so long no updates. Well. Not my fault. Babi Chelle's been moving house. And I've been helping her. So By the time I get to go online. I'm too freaking tired. Oh well. Anyway.
I quit my job at the restaurant. And now I'm back in Luton. I have to do my dissertation again in order to graduate. So sad. Everyone else has already grad. I'm still stuck at home to do it. Ish.
So thats why I'm back here. And also cause Chelle kicked me out of her house.



Oh oh! I went for Tiesto the other day! Frigging awesome. But it wasn't Chelle's thing. Sorry Chelle! I really didn't know that. I thought you can layan. But turns out it really isn't your thing. Sowwie!

I loved it. Wish it was longer. But wth. It starts at 4pm till 10:45pm. Got there around 4-5pm. I was more excited about the foodstalls they had around there then anything else. Haha. Oops. I have some pictures I took. But all my stuff are packed in the bag. So I'm lazy to take it out now. Lazy to unpack. Tomorrow maybe.

Anyway. You know there were kids even!!! Everyone's like drinking and smoking and stuff. And jumping about. And then there were kids. -.- I don't know what the parents were thinking la. Oh well. ANd guess what. At the end of the night. It was freaking dark. I FOUND A PHONE! Hahaha. I tell you. Should work as those people who clears up the place. Confirm can find don't know how many phones man. Too bad it wasn't an iPhone. Sheesh. Hehe.

Well. Too lazy to update more. Look out for pictures up in facebook. Hopefully I will be able to get it done. Hehe. Gotta wake up early in the morning tomorrow to look for my stupid lecturer. So damn pissed off with her man. I can bloody throw something at her. Ish.

Ok ok. No negative mode now. >.<

Night all!

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