Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stupid shows

You know. I leave the TV on while I'm online and stuff. It feels to quiet without it switched on. So anyway. Around 1am or so. They will show the Big Brother show thingy. Which I have no freaking idea what is it about. What I guess is that they throw a bunch of people into a house. And then they have problems everyday. Some reality tv show. And the people in the UK will call in to evict them out.

So anyway. Around 2 to 3 am or so. Oh wait. They show it LIVE! Well anyway, its late, so people sleep. Guess what. They even show them sleeping. -.-

I'm freaking serious. I was on my computer. So I just glanced at the TV and saw them showing a guy sleeping. I was like ok. I didn't really bother about it. So I turned back to my laptop and start watching an anime. And the anime goes for like 30 minutes or something. And I actually think I watched like 1 or 2 episodes. And I looked back the at the TV.

And guess what. Ya. They were still showing the same guy. Sleeping in the same position. Seriously.
If I didn't know that it was a TV.
I would have thought the TV hang kei de. -.-


K. Sleep time.
The tv show is still on now. And they are still awake. I have no idea wtf is going. But ya. lolx
Night all!

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