Saturday, July 4, 2009

Alone, Crazy, Family

Being alone sucks big time. I'm not talking alone like "omigawd my bf/gf is not with me. i'm so lonely". Not that crap. More like. "I'm so fucking alone that I can hear myself thinking" "Like wow! I hear voices in my head!" Shit. See! Being alone makes you talk to yourself. I mean. THERE'S NO ONE WITH YOU! OF CUS LA YOU TALK TO YOURSELF.

Wow. I feel like Ice Age 3, the weasel animal name Buck. Hahahhhahha. Bloody hilarious animation. But seriously. I feel like him now. And its not even a day yet. Just few hours. Omg. HELP WEI!!!!!

Being alone sucks big time also not just because you're alone. It makes you miss people. ANd its worse when I'm reading my stupid sister blog about what happened last time. All those funny moments and all the shit. I can't believe I'm actually saying this. But I actually miss my family. Lolx. Not cause I miss them. I just miss their stupidity. Yes. Including my parents as well. LOLX!

Damn. See. When you're alone. You can't just push it aside and not think about it. Cause now. You HAVE TO BLOODY THINK ABOUT IT BECAUSE THERE'S NOTHING ELSE GOING ON TO PUSH IT AWAY!

And now. The crying starts. Weeeee! And when you're lonely. An bored. You blog too much rubbish! Weeeeeee~ Awesomeness huh! Lolx.

Anyway. I would like to share some stupidity of my family. Lolx. And it kinda includes me too. Its not my fault. They made me stupid. Sigh*

This is from Kimmy's blog. Which I then copy from Kelly's blog cause she blogged about it. Anyway. This was all from Kimmy's blog.

I had a dream last night.. hahah ! it's damn weird and gross but .. what the heck, who the hey.

I dreamt that my pubic hair fell off ! whahahahahah !!
It was so funny ! I went to the loo to pee and obviously after pee-ing I wipe my pussy.. and the weird thing is after wiping .. some pussy hair was stuck on the tissue.. like wtf wtf ! o.O
I was really curious so I wiped my pussy again.. and more pussy hair came off !
So I took the water-sprayer-thingy-to-spray-your-ass-after-shitting and sprayed my pussy and

whahahahahahaha!!! such a nice dream ~ no need to go for bikini waxing. Lolx!

ok I just realised that I have just blogged abt something so fcuking disgusting.. -.-' hahahaah !

Seriously disgusting. But oh well. Really save on bikini waxing. How I wish it was that simple.

In the car on our way to Steven's Corner *i think*, we didn't have much money to spend there because..err???.. we were broke??
Kimmy : Everybody drink ais kosong lah
Aaron : Nolah.. everybody drink WATER !
Damien and I : Ais kosong is what then!?!?!?!?

Amelyn : Lets go church this weekend.
Amanda : why?
Amelyn : Course this week .....they are gonna talk..... about ....God... ..


Math teacher wrote a problem on the whiteboard
Teacher : Now everyone stare at the question and think how to solve it
Me : Can I close my eyes and think teacher~?? hahahaha!

Aaron : I wanna work lah
Amanda : Go Puzzini's lah
Aaron : I dowan there. What will I be there?
Kimmy : Waiter lah ! You think what? very easy ah, you have to wipe the dishes, sweep and mop the floor.. steal buns.. you think very easy ah!? Lolx.

Ya. Amelyn and Kimmy used to work at this restaurant called Puzzini. And they had buns. Which was really nice. And the buns are small where you can just hold it in one hand and hide it. They hide it and go to the toilet to eat it. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA. See. I told you. My family is ze stupid!

At coffee bean
Amanda : So what you wanna drink?? Iced mocha latte or Iced cafe latte
Kimmy : Hot ah??
Amanda : =.=' i just said ICED!!!!!

Kimmy memang bimbo stupid

My brother had to buy this scouts book thingy for.. scouts?? But he didn't have the time to do so.. So he asked my mom to get it for him.. My mom obviously didn't know what book is it... blah.. My brother decided to draw it out for her.... ... and asked her to show it to the sales person, he said they would understand.. so tell me... you understand or not?? Lolx

I remembered he was describing it to my mum. Kept talking about the trees behind la. And all that. Lolx.

And I personally like this one. Cause I just said it that day to Chelle I think. But I remember saying it before. Lolx. I still don't get it. But I do actually in a way. Oh well. Who gets me anyway. Kekekekek

Mummy : Where did you park?
Amanda : It's nearby but far.
Mummy : *Looks at me* O.o
Kimmy : Whaaat? I understand Lolx It's nearby but far lah
Aunty Jane : I tell you all ah.. you guys must write your own dictionary lah . The definition of near but far.

I really do love my family's stupidity. Its freaking hilarious.

Hope you enjoyed what I've pasted here. Cause I really did. Lolx. Still laughing at all of this. Hahaha.


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