Tuesday, July 7, 2009

An Overnight With the Traynors

I had a blast with Aunty Jane and Uncle Bill.

On Saturday evening. Aunty Jane called me to join them for the Gay Pride thing. It was a march parade thingy all the way from..I forgotten where to Oxford Street then to Trafalgar Square for this big concert thingy. It was an event not to be missed! But I missed it cause I was working the whole day. Oh well. There's next year! Well. Anyway. I told Aunty Jane if I could go down to meet up with them and to go for the Steam Fair thingy which I saw on facebook. If you want to see pictures. Add Aunty Jane thru me. Its TJ Jane. Hehe.

Well. Anyway. They invited me to stay over. I don't have the pictures with me yet. You could probably see after Aunty Jane tag me. I look fat la k. Leave me alone!!! Its the angle! Angle!!!!!

Anyway. Sunday morning. Was toooooo sleepy. Couldn't get up. So woke up later on. For church. Got there around 12. And found out later that the second service was actually at 12.45pm. -.-
So went to buy sandwich and stuff to eat later. Hehe.

Got back there. Luckily the first service was over de. So got in. And tried to find a seat right behind so I could eat later and not disturb the other people later. Hehe. But when I found a seat. Someone came to talk to me! Lolx. Her name was Kiana. Liked her. She asked to go for this sisterhood thingy. SO I can meet more people and stuff. But. I dont know yet.

Oh well. I love the church. Hillsong! Ya I know. Love the worship song and praises thingy. Love it!! I could sing and dance the whole day. Lolx. But I didn't unerstand the message that day. Maybe cause I was more concentrated in eating. Lox. But I know that it was something to do in trusting God , that he has a plan for all of us. And stuff like that. After that. We sang and worship again. And then we prayed and he asked if anyone would like to start a journey and a relationship with God. And stuff like that. Or whoever that was side tracked and fell out or whats that bloody word. Well ANyway, anyone else who wants to start a relationship with God. You can put your hands up. ANd we prayed. So. I put my hands up! Hehe.

Well. After all that. A girl came up to me and congrat me for doing so. And she gave me a Bible. And my phone number and stuff like that. She told me I was welcome to sit with her at service again next time. And stuff like that. Her name was Leigh. She had nice long straight blonde hair. Lolx. But ya.

ANyway. After church. Sat the tube to Turnpike Lane to meet AUnty Jane. Got there. And went to Uncle Bill's place. THEN TO THE FAIR!!!!

Oh oh! I love the park that Aunty Jane always go to. Its amazing! I mean. Ya. Hahaha. And the dogs!!!!! So bloody well trained! I want one toooo! Well. Got to the fair. I got excited with all the soft toys!!!! Haaha. ANd its so amazing. Cause its really a typical British Fair type a thing. And all the rides/machines are all operated by using coal! You could smell the coal from time to time. But it wasn't like full of it. But anyway. It was nice!

ANd guess what. I was like looking at this ride.

Was telling Aunty Jane. Aih. This ride. So small. Like for small kids only. I think all these rides not scary wan la. But Aunty Jane was saying, no got big girls sitting on it. They scream like anything. Then I said. No la. Maybe they scream for the fun of it.

I sat on it.

I wanted to get down from there!!!!!!! And not only that. I was thrown here and there. You know. Like I said before. The Amsterdam post. Where I sad the rides are built for kuai loh only. Cause its bloody big la!!!! You know he put the bar down on me. Around the waist there. He asked if it was tight. I looked down to see what the heck he was talking about. And guess what. I could actually fit a pillow or two in between. -_-"

THERE WAS SO MUCH BLOODY SPACE!!!!!!!!!! So of cause. I was thrown around in the carraige. So. The best thing I could do was. To stick to the corner. Yes.

I got down from the ride. I felt like puking!!!!!!

I feel old. Lolx.

Well. Afther the bloody ride. I felt like puking. Ugh. But well. Tried to tahan. But anyway. Played some of the booth games. Tried to win some bloody soft toys. Bugger ah. These games. WHERE'S MY BABI BF LA!!!! Lolx. Then he can play for me. Hahaha. I no need stress. Hahaha.

After that. I couldn't sit any rides. We walked back to rest awhile. Had an ice lolly! Orange. To make me feel not so sick. Got home. Rest awhile. For like 2 hours? And we got out again. Just nice for hotdogs and donuts!!! But I only had the hot dog. But oh well. Love it. With onions too. Shit. Thinking about it now. I'm feeling hungry. Lolx.

Played some old time machine games which only operates with the old pennies. But it was more like token like. But it was fun. I had some "fortune telling" as well. And how my future husband looks like. Hahaha. A boxer. Lolx. Played some foosball. ANd some slot machine. Lolx.

Spend quite some time there. Then went off to win more bloody soft toy!!!!! I sat the swing thing. So bloody cold. Cause it was so fast. So ya. THe wind. Brrrrrrr.

And guess what. AT THE LAST BOOTH. I FINALLY WON A SOFT TOY!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahha.
Ish. Bugger ah. The amount of money I spent. I could have bought one. But of cause it's not the same. It was a white poodle like dog plushie. Hehe. ANd then so ngam. They close de. So I went to take some pictures with the Carousel. And guess what. The first Horsie I spotted. It was a black horse. And I zoom there to take a picture with it. ANd you know what.

They had names around their neck. And the horse I chose. Had the name "Stan" printed on it. Lolx!!!!!

Shit. Is it a sign or something. I'll end up with a guy name Stan? Hahaha. Mwah* Bie. hehehe.

After that. Headed off to Wetherspoons for some typical English food. Yum!!! And the Pear cider! Another yum!!! Shit man. I felt so stuffed and fat. Lolx.

Got home. And Uncle Bill was trying to get me fatter. Hahaha. But I was too full and tired to eat anymore.

The next morning. Had a half/hard boil egg. Hahahha. I don't know what is it called. Typical English way of eating the eggs. You know how they eat with the top cut off. And then inside. Its half boiled egg. But the sides are hard boil egg. So you dip toast in it. After you've eaten the half boiled one, you scoop off the hard part like how you scrape from a coconut. Lolx. Nice!

After food. Went off to town for some cheap shopping. All those pound shop where everything was just a pound. You can get a packful of batteries for a pound. Bugger so cheap. We have it in Luton too. But it just opened before I came to London. So I only shopped once or twice there. Well. I bought a lot of stuff today. Chocolates. Shampoo. And all the essential stuff.

Went in some shops to look for nice cheap shoes. But couldn't get any. Along the way. Spotted H&M. Bought a pair of cotton shorts for £3 only! Tried to buy other colour. But no size. So got a yellow one. Walked down a lil more. And guess what! I FOUND ALDO SALES SHOP!!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! But anyway. The shoes there are still pricey for me. The original prices for a pair of heels was lik £80 or so. But the sales shop was cut down to almost half price. But still. It was pricey for me.

Then I spot this red heels. I thought. Ah. No point la. Confirm still expensive. The original price was £90. And guess what. It was only £29!!!! Not only that. IT WAS CUT DOWN BY EXTRA 50% Wooohooo! I got it for only 14 something. Whahahahahha!!!!

Aren't they just the Delish! Lolx.

Later on. I spotted a pair of comfy flats. The original price was £25. But it was cut down to £4.95. BUT THERE WAS AN ADDITIONAL 50% OFF!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. So. It was only £2.50. Lolx.

Oh! The prints are hearts!!! Hehe. Ya. Nice huh!!! So. Altogether was only like what. £20???? Yup!!! Two pair of Aldo's. Yum. Next time. Jimmy Choooooos. Lolx. Well. Anyway. After having a lovely time in Aldo. Went to look for Uncle Bill at Wetherspoons. He drank like 4 Guiness in 3 hours waiting for us. Poor him. I didn't realize too that we took so long. Sorry!!!

We had this Wetherspoon Sharer thingy. It had chicken, onion rings, fried mushrooms, deep fried king prawn, and chips. Omg. It was nice!!!! After that. We had nachos!!! YUM!!!!!!!!! Super happy la! Lolx. I was soooo bloody full. And shared a Strongbow with Aunty Jane. Yum. Hehe. Me and Aunty Jane was quite red de after that. And we share a pint!! Hahaha.

After all that. Chat for like 2 hours? Hahaha. I think so. Then it was time for me to go!

And now. Back home. And thankfully. THEY FIXED THE LIGHTS!!!! Whahahahha. I'm not living in the dark anymore. Whahahhaha. Lolx. And guess what. After I took my jeans off. I found this.

Awesome huh! Bugger. It was hurting the whole day whenever I touched it.

To show how bloody big they are.

It looks worse la. The pictures don't look so bad. But when I look at it now. Bugger. I look like I've been abused or something. Lolx. See what the ride did to my leg!!!!! See how badly thrown aound I was. Lolx. But it seems like I love bruises or something. Damnit.

Ok. Done with blogging. Its a nice long post. I know you guys would have been damn bored reading half way de. Sorry la. I old de. I feel like i damn long winded. hehe.

K. K. Night! Oh wait! There's one more picture you need to see. I bought this screen protector for my phone. And these were the instructions for it.

Lolx! It says. Using the protection is before sticking. fucking with softness the cloth will show to hold to wipe clean.

Bugger!!!! The bloody english!!!! I have no bloody idea what they were trying to say lo!!!!!!! The whole instructions!!!!!! Hahahahhahaha. Fucking with softness. HAhahahahah.

K. Night!


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