Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Have not been blogging. No mood. Hehe. Well. From now on. Small change.

Thanks for telling me Shoan. I didn't realise. When I think about it. Ya. I think what you said is true. Thankies! ^-^

Friday, October 27, 2006


Just got back from a mamak session with Shoan. Really tired but can't help it cause brought the lappie to my room and connect using the phone line and my dad's tmnet. Whahaha. So i itchy fingers wanna just blog and also the fact that no one is like online to chat with me now at 7am. Omg! Wtf! Its 7am..haha. I just realised its so late/early!!!

Feeling kinda drowsy and me bed so the comfortable. My mum bought new bed sheets and stuff. So the pweeetty! I feel so somerset bay-ish. Lolx. But it would be pweeettier if my room isnt that messy! And if my maid changed the curtains to red. Then only it'll be so much the pweeeettier. I'm so talking crap man!

Can't wait for Yeen's birthday dinner. Mei say wanna go Bangsar or Friendster Cafe wor. Hmm.. dont know la. I'm up for anything!! Hehe. oh Well..can't resist the temptation to sleep now. Bed so the comfy.


Thursday, October 26, 2006

I don't have enough sleep!!! Hehe..my own fault actually. Wanted to blog on what's been happening the past few days but i'm so the lazy. should i??
Nah..I think you guys will be bored to death reading it. lolx. But i've been having loads of fun with such great peeps! Love you guys so the muchies!

Can't wait for this friday. At last! I get to see all of my friends once again! I miss you guys. Hehe. Well..I think i really should catch up on my sleep now. Feel so dead tired.


Saturday, October 21, 2006


I've not been having enough sleep these days..i think it's because of the caffeine intake..I've been drinking coffee at work so much..it's so bad..insomnia..damn!
Hehe..I've been going out so much..been thinking why..cause last time i don't go out like every single day. At least 1,2 days..will be at home. now..I'm out every single day. Wont see me at home. Lolx.


Hmmm..oh well..went laundry today. Who went? Names : (me), Mei, Ming, Stan, Yee Hui, Jac, Adrian, Fai, Chris Ah Ham, Tong Vern, Shoan, Jason and Raymond. Wasn't all that fun..but it's better than anything else..get to like just chill..haha..

When I was in my car driving home, as usual..everyday..alone in me car..I thanked God for giving me such wonderful people like you guys! Can't thank enough. Hehe.

Luffles you all so the muchies!!! Muaks~!!!

Friday, October 20, 2006


That day was one of ze happy day of me life of singleness! Lolx! And guess what I have to so congratulate myself for staying single this long! *pats back* Good Girl! Hehe..

Damn it wei..can't stop thinking about it and stuff..It's so fucking irritating cause i so do not want to think about it but it keeps popping up in my head! Hate it! This thing can be avoidable but i don't know why it can't just stop. When I didn't intend to have anything to do with it..it comes. Fucking pissy! And when I want something to happen..It doesn't! Tell me who won't get pissy about it.

My new word..pissy..Lolx. Can't stop..can't stop..WAAAAAAHHH! *jumps on bed, throws pillow at kimmy* So the pissy! It's a confirmation now that i will now will not bother about it and everything else and to not have any fucking intentions and stuff. Hehe!

Can't wait for Halloween to come! Wanna dress up! Whahahahahaha! Can't imagine me dressing up. *pictures in head* Nah...can't see it. Woohoo..after Halloween next day might go for the rave party at Malacca with Chris all..haha..oh ya..Halloween party also with Chris all..Ah Ham ah..hehe!

Liz! Wen! Can't wait for you guys to get back..think of all the clubbing we can go. Haha..deprived from dancing wei. And my birthday make sure you guys are here k!

Yesterday night..came home at 5am..mum so the pissy she actually did something to me that i fell so pissy about! Wah! I had to fetch mei and shoan home right! Ish! and my reward...one whole nice month of groundedness. But as usual..i no caring i will still go out-ing.
Slept at like 6am woke up at 9 for college. And guess what..just because i missed the 8am class on wednesday, at the end of today's class, my lecturer was like " you 2" *points at me and jac* "next time please don't skip class. this class is a very hard class. you need to get at least b. it won't happen if u dont come for class." Wah! WHy la! i just miss one fucking day cause i couldnt wake up and he must lecture some more..ish ish. Hehe.
After that, went mv..jus me and lil' ol'jac. Lunch at Secret Recipe. Watched Rob B Hood..Baby damn cute man! Went for class and was half an hour late. Sat in class for like 15 to 20 minutes, class ended..mch..it was raining..got wet..mch..fetch lil' ol'jac home and went ta work..
Slept at work for 1 hour plus..couldn't take it..played solitaire..did work..went home...makan dinner..faster ran out of house (am grounded remember?!?!) fetch stupid bro from tuition..
YUM CHAR!!! Hehehe!

Life is great all the time with yum char sessions..good for the soul..

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Fucking bored

I guess it's a confirm thing that I'm going to Adelaide so..nevermind la..at least I guess Yee Hui will be there then it's not so bad! Lolx! I've got a friend there..hahaha..Damn lazy wanna make new friends again and stuff.

Everyday it's such a bore! But at least I get to see someone even though I'm kinda pissed at him..hehe..I'm always so pissy these days..aish. But it's nice to be pissy and stuff cause it'll make your blood circulate..hahahahaha

Yesterday went Swensens with Mei, Ming, Yee Hui and stupid Shoan. Had Earthquake! I'm so gonna get fat man! Hehe..after ice-cream went to arab but had to fetch my two dungu sis's to arab too. *Sigh* All of us went to arab saw this really small lil kitty...and it was black! Haha..damn fucking cute man! We took damn a lot of pictures! Wanted to take it home but confirm Cayenne get eat it in one gulp! Lolx..

*Sigh* Now have to get to work de..supposedly going clubbing tonight..not sure will jadi or not also..well..hopefully la! Everyday is such a bore...and stupid Chris Ham is sick! Hahaha..all his fault he promised de suppose to take us go clubbing then he pulak sick..so cham..hehehe

Hopefully can get out of the house tonight..don't feel like staying at home..

Monday, October 16, 2006

My day

Omg! Yesterday..or should I say that only this morning I slept and had to get up at 9! I slept at 6am and had to wake up at 9am for class! Sienz~!
After class, went to pay my fees and then brought my car to the workshop. Stupid dog of mine bit the light out and one of the light fuse de.
After the workshop, went to Ou for lunch with jac, adrian and fai! Lolx! Ya...went eat at Zuup! (Mei! Be very jealous! Lolx!) Makan de, went pierce me nose!!!!! Whahahahha! I pierced again for fun! WooHoo~! Liz!! I pierced me nose again! hehe...then went to watch John Tucker Must Die! He so fucking hot loh!!! And Sophia Bush is fucking hot too!!
Then went to work..while driving I was damn the sleepy loh! I almost bang a motorist. lolx. dman tired..reach work..slept for one hour then only started with my stuff i had to do..hehe
After work..now..hehe..going hartamas for dinner with fai, jac and adrian. Oh ya..and my eye bengkak again like always in primary! Damn the cham wei! hehe..k..need ta bath!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Hahahha..sorry..i have to start it with a laughter. Amelyn was drunk! And it was all my fault. What kind of a fucked up sis I am man! *serious tone*
No..seriously..i feel so fucked..*sigh*

Wahhhh!!! I feel so pissed loh..ish!!!

Fuck la! It's all that person's fault..actually..specifically two person who made me like this..whahahahahhahahaha..ya.it's their fault for making me feel like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No likey them!!!!!

I so feel like strangling you guys man!!!! No likey you both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 13, 2006


Everyday at work..I'm always dreaming about food..Wahh! Lolx! Because it's around dinner time and i get so freaking hungry!!! So..it's not my fault i get so freaking hungry and start craving for food..and oh! I made a list! Hahaha..a list of food i'm craving for! OMg! I'm so hungry now! Wah!

1) Spaghetti Aglio Olio @Hartamas Square

2) Club Sandwich @Bukit Kiara

3) Curry Laksa @Bukit Kiara

4) Pizza @Hartamas Square

5) Turkey Breast Sandwich @Subway

6) Mash Potatoes, Bacon, Sausage, Pineapple, Beans, Beef Goulash by Mummy

7) Lasagne by Aunty Ann

8) Prawn Macaroni @Secret Recipe

9) Maggie Mee Goreng with Pudina!! @Stevens Corner

10) Banana Leaf Rice @Paandis Taman Tun

I feel like a pig wei! I know there's more..but that's all i was craving for at that time..hehe I think I'm so gonna get fat! Can't be fat..argh! Hehe..k..I have to fetch stupid Kimmy to Hartamas because it's Michelle's Birthday..Oh..HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHELLE!!! Hehe
Hope I'm going clubbing tonight..but not sure..*sigh* Hopefully! Hehe!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


College started de! So the sad! First day of college..which was yesterday, I didn't attend for class. So the leng! Hehe..Next day, which was today..and not forgetting it's


haha..ya..didn't go for first class cause went out with my sis's, shoan, jason, raymond, tong vern, chris and tetsujin. Ya..went yum cha at asia cafe then went play dota! then yum cha again. Reach home at 5am..stupid class at 10!!! How to wake up!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!

Hehe..but i did go for my second class at 12! I did wake up for that! But freaking tired now..lolx.
It's 2:30am now..just came back from arab with tong vern and chris..then went ktz at ss2..chris went fetch raymond. He so the noisy lo! Lolx!

Tomorrow class at 8am..er..I mean later at 8 am..can die wei..nevermind la...at least there's something to look forward to at night! Lolx..j/k..

Oh my gosh! I'm so boring loh...*sigh*

Sunday, October 8, 2006


At last!! I got to go clubbing!!! WooHoo!! Hehe! Went to Ruums..and so happen it's Adrian's birthday..so ya! AHahaha..and i open one bottle..so...we had 2 bottle's..whahahha..but I didnt drink much tho..hmmm..hehehe..well..at least we had fun. I got there late cause had to finish my work..suppose to leave at 9pm from my house. But i left work around 8:45pm..so sad..and i had to have dinner at home..and i had to rush like damn fast to get ready. So sad..hehe..

Well, everyone was pissed cause i was late, and they were playing r&b and stuff..and i was so late! Wah! Reach around 11pm..at least i came wert! hehe..well..here are the pics!! Enjoy! Lolx..I did.

Me and Fai..lolx..er..ya..stupid jac..ruined the pic by being there! Lolx

*Sigh* Don't we look good in this pic..Lolx

Me n Ryan..Oh Gosh! Stupid Ryan look so blur.

Why is there a white spot on Daniyal's head???? OH! And Chris C. in a jacket..whahahaha

Judah..You konked de? A bit the fast right? Lolx

Me n Chris H. And again stupid jac must be in the pic! Can you stop it Jac!!!

What are you guys looking at?

Awww..Look at the lurvely couple here..*Sigh*

Judah..you don't have to open your eyes so the big right? Hehe

oooh..the drinks!

Daniyal getting ready to get drunk.

That was one big gulp!

Blardy poser Jac!

Judah Hamsap!


Oh look! It's this two!

So cute! esp. one.. *^.^*

stupid Jac as usual..dont know how to take pic

ONe nice one..but then stupid finger blocking flash..haha

Oh Fai! Damn red loh you! I'm not even red yet!!

Ya..it's Chris C. and me

And Mei

Very nice! Lolx..stupid Mei..out of nowhere kacau only

It's them again!

So close!

Chris..why you poking Adrian all! And where the heck your hand is Daniyal?

They dancing! So adolable!

Poser Chris =.='

Jac so the happy! I so happy too! o.O

Look at this 2 posers. *Sigh*

*Phew* Adrian's hands are at the right place. Are they??

Mei took a pic of the Dj

So cute! *bluek*

Such a poser

Stupid Chris! Trying to be like Jac is it????

Ryan so the sweaty! Aish! Stupid hair of mine!

Are you guys making out? It looks like it..o.O

OMg! My hair..hahahaha..damn ugly loh! Lolx It turns out that Chris was actually putting an ice cube in Fai's shirt

I know Daniyal..You want to be Dr. Evil..but not when you're behind Jac!

See! I told you! Look at those 2 now!

Still not enough ah Daniyal?

Seriously loh!

Look at the happy couple! *Sniff* *Sniff* I feel so happy too!

Seriously Ryan..go wipe your sweat! Lolx

Now I know why!

First you want to be Dr. Evil and now you want to be a groovy dancer??


Never had this much fun after so long!!! Love you guys for coming too!! I mean..it's for Adrian too..but..yea! LOve you all so muchie!!!!!!!!! *Sob* [~*muaks*~]