Saturday, October 21, 2006


I've not been having enough sleep these days..i think it's because of the caffeine intake..I've been drinking coffee at work so's so bad..insomnia..damn!
Hehe..I've been going out so much..been thinking why..cause last time i don't go out like every single day. At least 1,2 days..will be at home. now..I'm out every single day. Wont see me at home. Lolx.


Hmmm..oh well..went laundry today. Who went? Names : (me), Mei, Ming, Stan, Yee Hui, Jac, Adrian, Fai, Chris Ah Ham, Tong Vern, Shoan, Jason and Raymond. Wasn't all that fun..but it's better than anything else..get to like just chill..haha..

When I was in my car driving home, as usual..everyday..alone in me car..I thanked God for giving me such wonderful people like you guys! Can't thank enough. Hehe.

Luffles you all so the muchies!!! Muaks~!!!

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