Tuesday, October 10, 2006


College started de! So the sad! First day of college..which was yesterday, I didn't attend for class. So the leng! Hehe..Next day, which was today..and not forgetting it's


haha..ya..didn't go for first class cause went out with my sis's, shoan, jason, raymond, tong vern, chris and tetsujin. Ya..went yum cha at asia cafe then went play dota! then yum cha again. Reach home at 5am..stupid class at 10!!! How to wake up!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!

Hehe..but i did go for my second class at 12! I did wake up for that! But freaking tired now..lolx.
It's 2:30am now..just came back from arab with tong vern and chris..then went ktz at ss2..chris went fetch raymond. He so the noisy lo! Lolx!

Tomorrow class at 8am..er..I mean later at 8 am..can die wei..nevermind la...at least there's something to look forward to at night! Lolx..j/k..

Oh my gosh! I'm so boring loh...*sigh*

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