Friday, October 27, 2006


Just got back from a mamak session with Shoan. Really tired but can't help it cause brought the lappie to my room and connect using the phone line and my dad's tmnet. Whahaha. So i itchy fingers wanna just blog and also the fact that no one is like online to chat with me now at 7am. Omg! Wtf! Its 7am..haha. I just realised its so late/early!!!

Feeling kinda drowsy and me bed so the comfortable. My mum bought new bed sheets and stuff. So the pweeetty! I feel so somerset bay-ish. Lolx. But it would be pweeettier if my room isnt that messy! And if my maid changed the curtains to red. Then only it'll be so much the pweeeettier. I'm so talking crap man!

Can't wait for Yeen's birthday dinner. Mei say wanna go Bangsar or Friendster Cafe wor. Hmm.. dont know la. I'm up for anything!! Hehe. oh Well..can't resist the temptation to sleep now. Bed so the comfy.


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