Friday, October 20, 2006


That day was one of ze happy day of me life of singleness! Lolx! And guess what I have to so congratulate myself for staying single this long! *pats back* Good Girl! Hehe..

Damn it wei..can't stop thinking about it and stuff..It's so fucking irritating cause i so do not want to think about it but it keeps popping up in my head! Hate it! This thing can be avoidable but i don't know why it can't just stop. When I didn't intend to have anything to do with comes. Fucking pissy! And when I want something to happen..It doesn't! Tell me who won't get pissy about it.

My new word..pissy..Lolx. Can't stop..can't stop..WAAAAAAHHH! *jumps on bed, throws pillow at kimmy* So the pissy! It's a confirmation now that i will now will not bother about it and everything else and to not have any fucking intentions and stuff. Hehe!

Can't wait for Halloween to come! Wanna dress up! Whahahahahaha! Can't imagine me dressing up. *pictures in head* Nah...can't see it. Woohoo..after Halloween next day might go for the rave party at Malacca with Chris all..haha..oh ya..Halloween party also with Chris all..Ah Ham ah..hehe!

Liz! Wen! Can't wait for you guys to get back..think of all the clubbing we can go. Haha..deprived from dancing wei. And my birthday make sure you guys are here k!

Yesterday night..came home at 5am..mum so the pissy she actually did something to me that i fell so pissy about! Wah! I had to fetch mei and shoan home right! Ish! and my whole nice month of groundedness. But as usual..i no caring i will still go out-ing.
Slept at like 6am woke up at 9 for college. And guess what..just because i missed the 8am class on wednesday, at the end of today's class, my lecturer was like " you 2" *points at me and jac* "next time please don't skip class. this class is a very hard class. you need to get at least b. it won't happen if u dont come for class." Wah! WHy la! i just miss one fucking day cause i couldnt wake up and he must lecture some more..ish ish. Hehe.
After that, went mv..jus me and lil' ol'jac. Lunch at Secret Recipe. Watched Rob B Hood..Baby damn cute man! Went for class and was half an hour late. Sat in class for like 15 to 20 minutes, class was wet..mch..fetch lil' ol'jac home and went ta work..
Slept at work for 1 hour plus..couldn't take it..played solitaire..did work..went home...makan dinner..faster ran out of house (am grounded remember?!?!) fetch stupid bro from tuition..
YUM CHAR!!! Hehehe!

Life is great all the time with yum char sessions..good for the soul..

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