Monday, October 16, 2006

My day

Omg! Yesterday..or should I say that only this morning I slept and had to get up at 9! I slept at 6am and had to wake up at 9am for class! Sienz~!
After class, went to pay my fees and then brought my car to the workshop. Stupid dog of mine bit the light out and one of the light fuse de.
After the workshop, went to Ou for lunch with jac, adrian and fai! Lolx! Ya...went eat at Zuup! (Mei! Be very jealous! Lolx!) Makan de, went pierce me nose!!!!! Whahahahha! I pierced again for fun! WooHoo~! Liz!! I pierced me nose again! hehe...then went to watch John Tucker Must Die! He so fucking hot loh!!! And Sophia Bush is fucking hot too!!
Then went to work..while driving I was damn the sleepy loh! I almost bang a motorist. lolx. dman tired..reach work..slept for one hour then only started with my stuff i had to do..hehe
After hartamas for dinner with fai, jac and adrian. Oh ya..and my eye bengkak again like always in primary! Damn the cham wei! hehe..k..need ta bath!

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