Thursday, May 24, 2007

Kena Tagged..

Stupid Ngah Ming!!! She made me do this stupid tag thingy!!! I didn't wanna do it..but she said if I don't do it..she's gonna curse me!!! Waaaaaaaah! Hehe.

My Crush..

Hmmm..I really can't remember when I had a crush on someone. I mean, most of the time crushes are just a crush. Most of the time it leads to nothing..but just a crush. Right? Lolx..Ok..maybe it does sometimes lead into a relationship. But oh well, I really can't think! Ok..Hmmm...

Ok, fine. I really can't think. So, simply la.

Last time, like when I was 12? Ya, I think so..Used to cycle around my housing area in the evening's and stuff. There's this guy who lives near the kindergarten, who also cycle's around too. He had this small bike. Damn cute! I meant his bike. But he was of course cute too.
He always cycle around like 5 something till 7 something? So of course, I did the same too. Whahahaha. Can't believe I actually did that. *Swt*

Ya well, it was just a short time only. He was cute. So had a small crush. I just saw him that day I think it was at Williams. Super tall.

Ok, there..see not so interesting. Hahahaha, I hate you Ming!!! You made me think like super long! Idiot...

I will tag and you will so do it!
1) Yee Hui
2) Shoan
3) Amelyn
4) Kimmy
5) Lizzie!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I should just like put it in one whole post.

Still hating you.
Feel like hiding under my covers right now..
I feel like killing someone now..Hate you..
I'm so piss'd off right now. I've been waiting whole day. But..argh. I hate you.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

My house

go check out my house i drew!! Copy and paste the link. Whahaha. Yee Hui asked me to draw only!
Damn cute right my flowers! Hahahaha...
The name for it also damn original..The House..
*sigh* I'm so funny..

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Before Maison.

Ah Mei wanted to take pictures before we get sweaty and tipsy.


Was trying to get a pic of me and Yee Hui only

We did get one without anyone else butting in but....yea..

Look, we are not red!

This reminds me of Singapore. I mean, just Liz. She just loves to smell her armpits. *Sigh*

Nice picture but ruined by the photographer..who the heck was taking pictures at that time!!
*oh yea, it was Ah Mei* hahaha

See!!! Stupid Eben! Can you stop it!!!!! Can't take a decent picture without anyone butting in. *Sheesh*

I'm taller than Liz! Not that I've not noticed it before..

Tell me, who loves this pic? I mean, look at Liz. She look absolutely beautiful huh?

See the redness of 'em all!

Everyone always like to kacau! *Ish* Stupid Ah Mei!

And again! Must everyone kacau?!?!?!?!

I like Jac's dress/top. Lolx

We look like gold/red-fish but Jac look like some..I don't know..Whaddya think?

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Started college de. Aish. Stupid parking so fucking expensive! Main block is so fucking full! *Cry* Why! Why! I don't even know why I said why. Nevermind. I don't get what I'm saying now.

Someone please come and take away this stupid aching feeling I'm experiencing now! It's so freaking irritating!!!!!!!!!! *Cry* Help!!

Hehe. I can't watch anime. Cause of stupid bro and sis. Lazy to say why.

Read ming's blog. Super funny about the aussies! Haha.

Went yum cha for like 4 hours at murni. I don't like that place. Went with Choonie, Sooie Hoe (is it spelled like that ah?), Mei, Liz, Pearly, Carment and her bf..etc. Then later jac, adrian (nunis) *haha*, fai and jeff came. That's why 4 hours.

So freaking hot! I'm sweating now and I just showered!!!!!! *Sadness

Going maison again tomorrow. With mei and liz. Don't know if Jac coming too or not. *Sigh* Damn lazy to club. Just wanna drink and chill. Aish.

Stupid Yee Hui! Pictures!!!!!! Hehe.


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Models? Bwahaha

Our cheeks are so pink! Look at esther!!!! Omg! Haha! So the red! Stupid Wai Ming! Suppose an all girl's pic! Sheesh. Kacau only! Haha. I look shoooo funny!

Had a great time at Skybar. A nice place. But friggin hot!!! Don't know what's up with the aircond. Great view of KL. ^^ The whole time all of 'em were cam whoring! I said them, not me. I don't cam whore..yea. Hehe. Will post more pics. After I get them from yee hui. Yee Hui! Faster send me the pics!!!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A moment of Happiness

Amelyn passed her driving test today!! Woohoo! Sooooooo happy for her!! Yippee!!

COngrats Amelyn!!!!!

Why am I so happy? Think you dungu! I don't have to fetch my brother and sisters so much de! Whahahahahahahaha.

Really bored

I need sleep. But there's that freaking spirit in my room. I can't sleep properly. *sob* Help me! Want sleep badly. Keep disturbing me. So damn fed up!!!!!!!! Can someone get a bomoh for me. Hehe. Whatever la.

I have been getting up at 7am. Fetch my sister and bro to school. Try to sleep a lil. But can't, I get attacked even when there's light!!!! Get up 9, and at 10 get to my work place for pilates class. After that, get home, try to sleep again. Fail. 12:30pm, fetch Kelly to school and fetch Kimmy and Aaron from school. While waiting for them to get out of school. Sleep in the car. Go for lunch. After lunch. Try ta sleep again. Fail. 3 or 4pm, to work. Finish at 9pm. Home, dinner. Computer a lil, Tv a lil, playstation a lil. After all that! I get to sleep properly. Not really, there's disturbance at night as well.

*Sob* *Sob* I'm so sleep deprived. Normally, I get to sleep at work too. But now. I can't. Cause there's freaking loads of things to do! She's so piling on the work just because I'm working longer hours for now. Haha. In my small lil office. There's always this extra 3 stools. Don't know if I mentioned this before. But anyway, yea, I always wondered why are there 3 stools in my office. Last time I brought it in when like my sis or mei follow me ta work and of course, only 1 stool. Now there's 3!!! Well, anyway, it suits me just fine. Cause well, it's my bed. When I don't dare to like get the cushion from the couch, I'll get a toilet roll in my lil office and use it as my pillow! Haha, Amelyn was the one with that idea.

K, am crapping. What to do. I'm so damn bored!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


I'm in sooooo much pain. Wah!!!! Stupid stupid pills not working! I think I need to get stronger stuff. Too lazy. I think I need to go rest. But I can't move de. Hehe.

My bro, is out again. He won't be back till Wed. I forgotten to go to work last Saturday. My boss couldn't get through me cause I so happen just got back my number last Friday. And I totally forgot to let her know. So, I guess, she tried to call and sms the other number which I wasn't using. *Pain* *Cry*

Waiting for my mum to cook one of me fav food. MASH POTATOES!!!! And she's making paprika chicken too! Yum!

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