Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Really bored

I need sleep. But there's that freaking spirit in my room. I can't sleep properly. *sob* Help me! Want sleep badly. Keep disturbing me. So damn fed up!!!!!!!! Can someone get a bomoh for me. Hehe. Whatever la.

I have been getting up at 7am. Fetch my sister and bro to school. Try to sleep a lil. But can't, I get attacked even when there's light!!!! Get up 9, and at 10 get to my work place for pilates class. After that, get home, try to sleep again. Fail. 12:30pm, fetch Kelly to school and fetch Kimmy and Aaron from school. While waiting for them to get out of school. Sleep in the car. Go for lunch. After lunch. Try ta sleep again. Fail. 3 or 4pm, to work. Finish at 9pm. Home, dinner. Computer a lil, Tv a lil, playstation a lil. After all that! I get to sleep properly. Not really, there's disturbance at night as well.

*Sob* *Sob* I'm so sleep deprived. Normally, I get to sleep at work too. But now. I can't. Cause there's freaking loads of things to do! She's so piling on the work just because I'm working longer hours for now. Haha. In my small lil office. There's always this extra 3 stools. Don't know if I mentioned this before. But anyway, yea, I always wondered why are there 3 stools in my office. Last time I brought it in when like my sis or mei follow me ta work and of course, only 1 stool. Now there's 3!!! Well, anyway, it suits me just fine. Cause well, it's my bed. When I don't dare to like get the cushion from the couch, I'll get a toilet roll in my lil office and use it as my pillow! Haha, Amelyn was the one with that idea.

K, am crapping. What to do. I'm so damn bored!!!!!!!!!!

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