Thursday, May 17, 2007


Started college de. Aish. Stupid parking so fucking expensive! Main block is so fucking full! *Cry* Why! Why! I don't even know why I said why. Nevermind. I don't get what I'm saying now.

Someone please come and take away this stupid aching feeling I'm experiencing now! It's so freaking irritating!!!!!!!!!! *Cry* Help!!

Hehe. I can't watch anime. Cause of stupid bro and sis. Lazy to say why.

Read ming's blog. Super funny about the aussies! Haha.

Went yum cha for like 4 hours at murni. I don't like that place. Went with Choonie, Sooie Hoe (is it spelled like that ah?), Mei, Liz, Pearly, Carment and her bf..etc. Then later jac, adrian (nunis) *haha*, fai and jeff came. That's why 4 hours.

So freaking hot! I'm sweating now and I just showered!!!!!! *Sadness

Going maison again tomorrow. With mei and liz. Don't know if Jac coming too or not. *Sigh* Damn lazy to club. Just wanna drink and chill. Aish.

Stupid Yee Hui! Pictures!!!!!! Hehe.


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