Saturday, May 19, 2007


Before Maison.

Ah Mei wanted to take pictures before we get sweaty and tipsy.


Was trying to get a pic of me and Yee Hui only

We did get one without anyone else butting in but....yea..

Look, we are not red!

This reminds me of Singapore. I mean, just Liz. She just loves to smell her armpits. *Sigh*

Nice picture but ruined by the photographer..who the heck was taking pictures at that time!!
*oh yea, it was Ah Mei* hahaha

See!!! Stupid Eben! Can you stop it!!!!! Can't take a decent picture without anyone butting in. *Sheesh*

I'm taller than Liz! Not that I've not noticed it before..

Tell me, who loves this pic? I mean, look at Liz. She look absolutely beautiful huh?

See the redness of 'em all!

Everyone always like to kacau! *Ish* Stupid Ah Mei!

And again! Must everyone kacau?!?!?!?!

I like Jac's dress/top. Lolx

We look like gold/red-fish but Jac look like some..I don't know..Whaddya think?

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