Thursday, May 24, 2007

Kena Tagged..

Stupid Ngah Ming!!! She made me do this stupid tag thingy!!! I didn't wanna do it..but she said if I don't do it..she's gonna curse me!!! Waaaaaaaah! Hehe.

My Crush..

Hmmm..I really can't remember when I had a crush on someone. I mean, most of the time crushes are just a crush. Most of the time it leads to nothing..but just a crush. Right? Lolx..Ok..maybe it does sometimes lead into a relationship. But oh well, I really can't think! Ok..Hmmm...

Ok, fine. I really can't think. So, simply la.

Last time, like when I was 12? Ya, I think so..Used to cycle around my housing area in the evening's and stuff. There's this guy who lives near the kindergarten, who also cycle's around too. He had this small bike. Damn cute! I meant his bike. But he was of course cute too.
He always cycle around like 5 something till 7 something? So of course, I did the same too. Whahahaha. Can't believe I actually did that. *Swt*

Ya well, it was just a short time only. He was cute. So had a small crush. I just saw him that day I think it was at Williams. Super tall.

Ok, there..see not so interesting. Hahahaha, I hate you Ming!!! You made me think like super long! Idiot...

I will tag and you will so do it!
1) Yee Hui
2) Shoan
3) Amelyn
4) Kimmy
5) Lizzie!

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