Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fried Chicken Drumstick

Convo in the car.

"Your leg's colour look like fried chicken drumstick"
Gave the "look"
"What do you mean by that?!?!?!"
Stare for a moment. Gave serious face
"I'm just trying to be romantic"
"That's not romantic!!!"
*innocent face*
"But I like fried chicken drumstick"

Offer Letter

Just received a call from Cyberlynx. And they received my offer letter de! But this offer letter states that if I want to do one year, I have to complete the following subjects first. But if I want to go now. I have to do for at least one and a half or two years. So I told her. I don't mind staying half a year or more. And because of that. I have to wait for the other offer letter. Which hopefully I can get by tomorrow. We'll see I guess. Prayers?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Just got back from college. I went for class! And will do so. For the whole sem. Argh. Damn lazy to do group work. Cause I will then have to find a group. I'm super lazy to do that. Aish. Need to go buy bag. Damn lazy to shop. But need one. Oh! Who haven't gotten my pressie can get me a bag! Hehe. Lolx.

Waiting for idiot to bathe now. Stupid fella taking his own sweet time. And I'm super hungry. Had 8-12 class. And another class later at 4. Hungry!!!!! Wanna go eat beef ball noodles. Hmm. I think I shall wake Hui Hui up to go makan too!


Happy Birthday

to Me~

Hehe. And this is my 200th post! Sorry to Liz and Esther who tried to call me but I left my handphone at home! Hehe. Sorry! Sorry!

Tomorrow idiot can't teman me for dinner. Cause he has to go for a family dinner. Aish. Sadness. What shall I do tomorrow? Or I shouldn't do anything? Hmm? I shall go buy my favorite cake and sing to myself! Hehe. Oh well. We'll just have to see.

Aish. Have to go college de. Sad. My tuesday's are so full! 8-12 and 4-6. Boleh mati sia. Then Wednesday I only have one class. And Thursday 2 class. I'm free on Monday and Friday! Call me~

What to do tomorrow? Hmmm...anyone wanna plan this for me? Hehe. Or shall we just have a yumcha session. Boringz. Aish. See See la.


Saturday, January 19, 2008


Fuck. Just fuck everything? Bah. Pissing off. Ok. Supposedly happy day. So. Be happy. Mmhmm. I'm happy. Just fuck it. Fuck all that. Argh.

I feel so piss'd off for a friend of mine. I feel like killing that person for treating the other person like that. Like what the fuck la. Seriously. You are so fucking dead when she's finished with you. Cause then it'll be my turn to freaking kill you! If she allows me that is. Hehe. I need to let my anger out on someone anyway. So you're the perfect candidate? Hehe. (>,<)v *mwah*

Argh. Yesterday went clubbing. Ohemgee la! Went to Poppy with Zhang, Fuzzy, Max, Chris Ham, Json and this other girl. I really don't know how to spell your name. Sorry! Well. Went in. Had fun. Toilet freaking disgusting. Dancing all. Then one of their friend who they were supposed to meet came. This other girl and guy. Then freaking lights went on and the music stopped playing. RAID!!!! mch. So long din club de. Then I get a freaking raid. Like wtf! So. Handed our ic's to the police. Girls one side. Guys one side. Then we had to go up. The girls. Had to do urine test. mch. And we had to pee with the freaking door open. And all of us were like lining up to pee. All the girls were like. Don't see and shit. I didn't bother. I half closed the door. The policewomen opened it. I closed it again. Lolx. Done with that.
Went down and waited for the guys. Lolx. Fuzzy piss'd on Zhang's ic. Ok, more like his piss dripped onto Zhang's ic. Lolx. All the guys had to wash their ic. Cause the table was like damn wet. With the pee and stuff. Freaking funny. HAha.

*sigh* "party" is at 8pm. It's another 5 hours. I'm not hyped up about it. Mainly because...disappointment. So. Ya. Anyway. Oh ya.


*birthday on the 18th. which was yesterday*


Friday, January 18, 2008


I guess this means I'm going ta college then. I thought I failed my other subject. But surprisingly, I didn't! I passed. And I didn't hand in two assignments and this sub is fully assignment. Altogether, there's 4 assignments. And I still pass! Happy~

Argh. College. Lazy sia~

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thank You Choonie~

Thank you Choonie for your pressie! At last the connection here isn't that slow. So I can post it! Hehe. I'm super happy! But it's making load of noise on my car keys. It's clinging and clanging every where I go with it. Hehe. The pictures are kinda blur. Who cares la. I'm happy~ Wee~! Hehe.


I'm feeling half happy~


one. I can't freaking choose my favorite cake for my birthday
two. I totally forgotten what was the reason. but I'm just feeling piss'd off now so there!
three. Bah! Forget it.

So. There. I'm half happy cause of that.

I'm still happy cause idiot made me happy today cause of some things. I'm just happy.

Now the pissy part. Don't read.

I always do so much. Always. No matter who. Always. Just this small thing. For once. Make me happy on my day. Feeling super down cause of it. Too lazy to get into it. Don't want to ruin my happy mood.


Feeling disappointment.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


My birthday party. More like gathering? Hehe. The party is not what I wanted it to be. But never mind. The other dilemma now is. I don't have enough drinks! But I'm not sure if everyone is gonna come or not. A lot of them I know might not come. Never mind. Now I just need more drinks. Hehe. And none of it will be for me anyway. I'm not gonna drink! Hehe

Fuzzy! Remember the Jell-o-Shots!

Me birthday "thingy" will be at my house this Saturday 8pm. Aightz?

See ya~

Friday, January 11, 2008


My brother is in Science stream. So freaking weird. I thought my whole family will be in Arts. And it'll be like some kind of er..I don't know. He broke the freaking whatever it is. Can someone tell me what's the word. Totally blanked. Ya. Saw him came back with one load of all those science books. Borrowed from my cousin. Then I just realized and told Aaron. "Boy, we won't be able to help you in these subs." Aish. Hopefully he'll do well. My dad wants him to do it. When he told us. All of us sisters including Kelly just laughed out loud. *so mean of us*
We're like thinking. Don't think he can do it. But he seems determined? Oh well. Hopefully he'll study harder and less dota.

Waiting for Jac to pick me up! Having lunch. Damn lazy to call other peeps. Maybe will call when I get in the car. Need to call the center. Prayers!!!! Need them!!! Hehe.

Have to pick my car up later. Sent it for service. I tried to ignore the red light that keeps blinking twice a day. I guess its the black oil thingy. Hehe. Ya. I'm gonna try to get back to blogging everyday. ><

Choonie..I'm gonna get that key chain from Mei. Mei!!!! Remember to pass me the key chain from Choonie. I'll remind you tonight. If we're going anywhere that is.
So long wan that babi Jac. Aish. K. Ciaoz~

Total Bliss

I'm totally superly uberly freaking happy. Nothing can describe how happy I am. But I think I'll be even more happier if I get some other news. Lolx. I guess this blog skin is not needed de? shows my emoness? Doesn't it? Lolx. Hmmm. I guess I shall change it tomorrow? Or when I have the time. Or maybe not. Bah.

Need to buy more clothes. Damn bored with my entire wardrobe now. And most of the online boutiques are like selling almost the same old thing. Boring. But only one or two of it are nice. Want money to shop. Too lazy to go shopping in malls. Went to Mid Valley today with Zhang to meet up with some of his friends cause he needed to pass adapter to one of em. Then shop for him. He needed to buy jeans and shoes. Omg. I do not like to shop anymore, in the mall!
I'm totally serious. Unless I really need something. I'll just go there quickly look and get out of there. I feel like the mall sucks your freaking energy or some shitz. I think I now understand why guys do not like to follow their gf's to shop? Well. I memang damn don't like to go shopping de. Ever since long ago. Just never expressed it before. So ya.

Don't call me go shopping nemore! My freaking energy is drained by those evil buildings.

Freaking mother still haven't let me know if gonna celebrate my birthday or not. Ish. Geram sia. You know what. I'm not gonna plan anything la. Freaking fed up de. We just go for dinner or something. I'm too fed up to bother anymore.

Think happy thoughts. Yes. Ok. Back to my blissful state~


Sunday, January 6, 2008


I damn lazy to blog la!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehe. OK. What's been happening? Erm. Quit my job in Vintry. Already applied a week ago. Waiting for answer. Gonna call tomorrow for updates on application. I think college starting next week. Haven't decided if I should go college or just wait till June if I don't get in for the first intake. Need prayers! Lolx.

The past few days. Nothing much. I guess some of you know what's happening? Or not? lolx. Nevermind.

Started my New Year with a great bang. Ok. Not that great. But a bang.

Went Genting last night with Zhang, Amelyn, Raymond, Yee Hui, Wai Ming, Wai Hong, Leon and Joanne. It was sorta boring. But ok. The freaking funny part was that, when we came back to the apartment there were freaking loads of bugs flying around. We tried taking them down by spraying them! But couldn't get them all. So, I went looking for a vacuum cleaner. And there was one! Gave it to Wai Ming to suck them all up. Freaking funny. All of them took turns with the cleaner. Die bugs Die!

I'm hoping for something. Hopefully it will happen. Prayers? Haha.

Love ya'll!