Saturday, January 19, 2008


Fuck. Just fuck everything? Bah. Pissing off. Ok. Supposedly happy day. So. Be happy. Mmhmm. I'm happy. Just fuck it. Fuck all that. Argh.

I feel so piss'd off for a friend of mine. I feel like killing that person for treating the other person like that. Like what the fuck la. Seriously. You are so fucking dead when she's finished with you. Cause then it'll be my turn to freaking kill you! If she allows me that is. Hehe. I need to let my anger out on someone anyway. So you're the perfect candidate? Hehe. (>,<)v *mwah*

Argh. Yesterday went clubbing. Ohemgee la! Went to Poppy with Zhang, Fuzzy, Max, Chris Ham, Json and this other girl. I really don't know how to spell your name. Sorry! Well. Went in. Had fun. Toilet freaking disgusting. Dancing all. Then one of their friend who they were supposed to meet came. This other girl and guy. Then freaking lights went on and the music stopped playing. RAID!!!! mch. So long din club de. Then I get a freaking raid. Like wtf! So. Handed our ic's to the police. Girls one side. Guys one side. Then we had to go up. The girls. Had to do urine test. mch. And we had to pee with the freaking door open. And all of us were like lining up to pee. All the girls were like. Don't see and shit. I didn't bother. I half closed the door. The policewomen opened it. I closed it again. Lolx. Done with that.
Went down and waited for the guys. Lolx. Fuzzy piss'd on Zhang's ic. Ok, more like his piss dripped onto Zhang's ic. Lolx. All the guys had to wash their ic. Cause the table was like damn wet. With the pee and stuff. Freaking funny. HAha.

*sigh* "party" is at 8pm. It's another 5 hours. I'm not hyped up about it. Mainly because...disappointment. So. Ya. Anyway. Oh ya.


*birthday on the 18th. which was yesterday*


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