Sunday, January 6, 2008


I damn lazy to blog la!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehe. OK. What's been happening? Erm. Quit my job in Vintry. Already applied a week ago. Waiting for answer. Gonna call tomorrow for updates on application. I think college starting next week. Haven't decided if I should go college or just wait till June if I don't get in for the first intake. Need prayers! Lolx.

The past few days. Nothing much. I guess some of you know what's happening? Or not? lolx. Nevermind.

Started my New Year with a great bang. Ok. Not that great. But a bang.

Went Genting last night with Zhang, Amelyn, Raymond, Yee Hui, Wai Ming, Wai Hong, Leon and Joanne. It was sorta boring. But ok. The freaking funny part was that, when we came back to the apartment there were freaking loads of bugs flying around. We tried taking them down by spraying them! But couldn't get them all. So, I went looking for a vacuum cleaner. And there was one! Gave it to Wai Ming to suck them all up. Freaking funny. All of them took turns with the cleaner. Die bugs Die!

I'm hoping for something. Hopefully it will happen. Prayers? Haha.

Love ya'll!

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