Thursday, December 20, 2007

I love you Grandpa.

Gonna try my best to type everything out on what happened the past 3 days. Here goes..

Woke up by Aunty Ann at 6am, crying. Grandpa is dying. Get up. Going to the hospital now. Everyone else jumped out of bed. Just grabbed shirts and jeans. Sort of broke my nail and it sorta bleed cause of it. All of us jumped in my mum's car. Me, Amelyn, Aaron, Aunty Jane, Aunty Ann and my mum. My dad and kelly were coming in a separate car. Aunty Jane was calling my uncle to try to get Joel and Josiah to the hospital too. But can't. She already called my other Uncle. Was trying to get Kimmy the whole way. In the end, called her friend's phone. Found out she left her phone in a friend's car and was staying over at Amelia's house. She couldn't come. SO we had to leave it as that.
Got to the hospital. Ran all the way from the car park to the room. And it's freaking far. And I haven't been exercising for a very long time. Aunty Jane reached the room first. Then me. The first thing I saw was the curtains. Then the nurses. Tears came down. Saw my grandfather. Wrapped up. With a tag at his feet. Aaron just stoned there. Couldn't cry. Amelyn just fell down and cried. Heard someone screamed and shouted. It was Aunty Ann. All of us just stayed where we were. Crying. I couldn't stand being there. Went out to sit. Couldn't stop. My mum came in the end. And saw. Then my uncle and aunt with my grandmother. He was asking me. What happened. I just couldn't say anything. But he knew. Called Kimmy. Cried on the phone.
No freaking point in running. Didn't make it on time.

My grandfather died at 6:18am. We got there at 6:30.

A lot of people came for the funeral. We chose what my grandfather would wear. I did his tie. ^^ Hehe. Well. Ya.

Wednesday morning. Sang and prayed. The pastor asked us to walk around the coffin to pay respects. Friends and distant relatives first then only us. Didn't want to cry. I saw my cousins crying that made me cry. Seeing them broke my heart. When the coffin was in the van. We walked behind. Crying. Aunty Ann was crying out Papa. So so heartbreaking.

At the cremation place. Sang Amazing Grace. Tried not to cry. And once again we had to walk around the coffin and lay flowers on it. It was too much. Aunty Ann couldn't bring herself to look again. My mum kissed and said she loves him. I stood there. Looking in. My grandfather looked so peaceful.

The worse part of all. The coffin was brought to the fire. My cousins were crying out Grandpa. Come back. I love you.
I went in. And saw it burning. Cried out loud. My brother in the end. He cried. That made me cry even more. All of us were crying out for Grandpa. I guess the sight was too much. Everyone else teared. Never in my life I cried this hard. Never.

There's so many things I want to say about him. One of my memories of him. Which I treasure the most. Is when he cried with me. The first time I saw my grandfather cried. My mum scolded me for something I did. This was one of the worst I had. Though I don't remember what it was about. I came into the kitchen and cry. My grandfather was there. He heard everything. He held me and I could feel him crying too. Cried even more. Comforting me.
One of my happiest was when he was proud of me. It was my results for SPM. It wasn't that great. But because I don't study at all and I still could produce such results, my grandfather boasted to his colleagues, his staff. My mum told me, he said, so what if other kids had 10 A's and they study hard. Even, someone someone's son is so smart, study so hard. He turned out to only have 6 A's and was expecting for 10. And Amanda don't study, she turned out better.
I was so happy that I made my grandfather so proud of me.

Grandpa, I hope you're happy now. Just wait for us in heaven. Enjoy your wine up above. I bet it's soooo much better than here. >.<

Thanks to those who sent their condolences and prayers. There's too many to be listed out. Thank you very much especially to the ones who came. And thank you to ones who tried. *hehe* I really appreciate for all those words of kindness, prayers and thoughts. Every one of you just made my day a little brighter.

James Lim Yoke Kong passed on at the age of 73, on the 17th of December 2007, at 6:18am.

His life earnest, his actions kind,
A willing hand, an active mind,
Anxious to please, ready to defend,
A loving father and faithful friend.

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