Monday, December 17, 2007


Oh great. I totally forgotten what I wanted to blog. Anyway....

Working two jobs is killing me! Sort of actually. Oh yea. It's killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not because of the tired part. Just this two weeks. I put on freaking 5kg!!!!!! You know how much is that! *sob* It's all that food. Reminder to dear-oh-so-dumb-amanda: To not work in a restaurant or any food related jobs. It leads get it. 5kg! *sniff* *sniff* Blardy other job in pilates not helping. Well. It doesn't really make you lose weight. But. aaaarrrrgghhhhhhhhh! Whatever! From now on. I shall not go into the kitchen and ask Amelyn to give me food. Yes! Shall not do that. But Becky (my boss. er. right/left hand of my boss or something like that. Aunty Jane said so) she keeps spending me those oh-so-sinful-deliCious-to-die-for brownies! And the banana and peach crumble. Stop eating!!!!!!! ok. Stop.

I've been craving for nasi lemak. It has been a reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaalllyyyyyyy long time I haven't met up with my beloved nasi lemak. Another thing to cry about. But I can't! I'm getting fat. WAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Shall not think about it.

Ok. I've been looking forward to the year end hols. Been looking forward to having lazy days. Just reading books. Dotaing. Pooling. Chilling. Drinking. And stuff. But. I think I had that the whole entire year. So now. I'm working. So freaking dumb. Aish. Just bored with going out and stuff these days. The whole entire year I have done nothing else but that. Ok. I did study. And do my assignments. I did ok. You just don't know that's all. *wink*

I have to force myself to apply. Gonna kill myself for that. Or would anyone like to force me to do it? >.< stress.

Sleep sleep time. Wanna read Harry Potter! >.<


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