Wednesday, December 5, 2007


At work today. Happy Happy~ Don't know why. ^^
Super busy. I one person alone had to take orders. Serve. Clean. Walao eh~ But then. At least I was doing something. The first customers that came. I wished them and gave them the menu. They were like. Wow. First time someone served us with a smile. Then he bend down and said "No one smiles around here". Lolx. I smile! ^^
Amelyn fried korean noodles. It was ok la. Not bad. Lolx. But when Ah Munn, the chef, she put in the roast pork. Omg. Heaven~

Came home. Dead tired. Just straight lie on my bed and slept. Woke up at 5 something. Oh. I finished work at 4 something. So. Didn't sleep much. Took a quick shower and off again to work. Another job. The one I have been working for 1 and a half year. Wow. Didn't know I've been there for long de. Lolx. Arrived at work. Made myself a cup of coffee. Had cheesecake. And started doing the blardy paperwork. *sob*

Got home. Went to tha hospital to see grandpa. Then went uptown to eat what we call "malay rice" Lolx. So. Ya. And I'm back home now. Off to ss2. Whole day didn't have my dessert~ Hehe. See ya!


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