Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Workie work

You all damn babi wei. I working but still at least got time to blog. But you all...Blah!

Damn sien today. At work. Sweep and clean all. No customers at all. Only a couple. And they just wanted lipton tea! mch. Hehe. But then. Had free makan! First, Eddie. He works and stays there. Yea. He bought oreo cheese cake! He bought two. One for me and one for Amelyn. We shared one and couldn't even finish it. But damn yummy! >.<
Then, the chef. Asked Amelyn to fry 5 eggs. Totally fail. So we took the ugliest one out. And made egg sandwich. Super yummy. Hehe. I fried another 2 more eggs to replace the other ugly ones. Then Becky, the supervisor, said to Amelyn. "You work outside la. Let your sister work in the kitchen". Lolx. I can fry eggs! Haha.

After work. Met up with Ric and Mei at Bangsar Nirvana. Yee Hui came after that. Didn't want to eat de cause had the egg sandwich. Then went ta work. Didn't do much. Cause was reading story book. Haha. *guilty* So much work to do!!! *sob* Thats for laziness.

OK. Off ta bed now. Have to wake up. *sob* Early early~!


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