Friday, September 16, 2011

Tomorrow is The Day!

Wow. Tomorrow, or more like in another 11 hours. Is Pei Wen's big day. Yes. She will be committing herself for the rest of her life to the guy she has chosen as her life partner.
Can't believe it. I mean, I still remember the days in high school where we were predicting who is gonna get married first. Everyone said it would be Esther. Haha. But oh well. In the end, pei Wen is the one who is taking that big step first.
But well. Esther is going to get married in November. Lolx! So. Not much diff also la.

Well Pei Wen. I predict that I am soooo gonna cry buckets of tears tomorrow. One, is cause I'm a cry baby. I cry at almost everything and anything. Haha. Two, is cause, well, I'm so happy for you! ><

And omg. I've got two snorers left and right. Die la. How to sleep now!!!

Earphones!!! Rawr~

P.S. Sorry! This was the only picture I have of you. Lol.